Friday, September 17, 2010

Always A Bridesmaid; But I Want to Be A Bride!

Mon chers, perhaps it can be attributed, if ever so slightly, to the bombardment of television programs such as My Fair Wedding or the highly-addictive Bridezillas; but there is something quite thrilling about weddings. The planning, the romance; but, above all else, the dress. In the words of Douglas William Jerrold, “After all there is something about a wedding-gown prettier than in any other gown in the world.” Admit it, kitty cats; truer words have never been spoken – especially if the wedding dresses in question are the ones crafted by Priscilla of Boston.

The covetable creations of Parsons School of Design Graduate Tracy Uomoleale; the Priscilla of Boston Collection juxtaposes between classique aesthetics a la Style 4602 and 4613, and edgier, avant-garde looks such as the petal-adorned Style 4416. Though one thing that each and every design retains is the ability to make the wearer feel like a glamorous goddess on her big day.

Darlings, despite the fact that I am nowhere near ready to say “I do,” or scoop one of these blissful beauties up for my own using – one would need a très, très cute boy in her life (and perhaps a jaw-dropping diamond from Tiffany’s on her finger) for that to occur; I cannot help but to find myself salivating over the shimmering, floor-sweeping lovely that is Style 4508 or the bow-adorned Style 4606. Merely gazing upon these majestic marvels is enough to make one wish that her big day was fast approaching, mais non?

You know which gowns have grabbed my attention; now tell me which one you’d love to walk down the aisle in. Don’t be shy, darlings; I know that one or two has had to have caught your eye – now dish!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Priscilla of Boston for the picture.

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