Friday, May 27, 2011

Heels on the Sidewalk...Footzyrolls in Your Handbag!

Over the course of a single lifetime, a glamorous gal like yourself spends years teetering from one place to another in sky-high heels that boost confidence in a snap, and make you feel fabulous from head to shoe; yet, in all honesty, leave our feet, at least after a few hours, in extreme duress and begging for a flat escape.

For the scholarly type, such as the recent high school grad about to embark on an intriguing Ivy League journey or the college graduate on the verge of searching for a job that allows her to put her newly-earned degree to good use, much of this time is spent pounding the pavement, attempting to make it across an entire campus quad in the five minutes allotted between the end of Freshman Bio and the beginning of English 101, or trying to scramble from one job interview to the next, crossing her fingers that this will be the potential employer to toss an exciting new opportunity her way. So what, pray tell, do you scoop up as a gift for your ambitious new graduate? Footzyrolls, to be sure!

Unlike a typical ballerina that may take up too much room in your handbag, Footzyrolls are a foldable form of shoe that roll up to the size of a small cell phone so that they don’t interfere with your other handbag essentials; whilst functioning as a regular ballerina flat when unrolled and popped upon your fabulous, if not slightly tired, tootsies!

Ideal for a quick change after a night of partying in platforms, a necessity after an impromptu day of shopping in stilettos, and a can’t-live-without for the fabulista just beginning to navigate the chilly waters of real life; Footzyrolls come in a variety of colors and textures – from Snakeskins (my personal favorite) and Bohemian Chic to Candy Striper and Everyday – making them the perfect prezzie for the graduate. Even better? They’re priced at $30.00 and under per pair, so you can splurge on one in every sassy shade.

As the saying goes, “The tassel was worth the hassle!”

Congratulations new graduates; and happy shopping!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Footzyrolls for the pictures.

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