Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: AIKO Maripol Drop Back Top for Less

Kitty cats, there is a little-known secret about seductive style that far too many overlook when trying to channel their inner coquettish cutie. One need not display large quantities of daring décolletage; nor must you wear minis that make the world marvel at your legs that go on for days. The true hush-hush in regards to haute-couture is all found within two places…the shoulders and the back.

Darlings, you may feel undeniably scandalous and saucy in barely-there bottoms or tops that offer very little coverage; but the truth of the matter is that the epitome of flirty fashion is that which provides quite a bit more material, choosing to flash a little skin in unexpected places and ways. Case in point, AIKO’s Maripol Drop Back Top.

Like the eighties hairdo itself; the Maripol Drop Back Top is synonymous with the mullet – business in the front, party in the back. When viewed head-on, one may easily mistake the wearer as being accoutered in a standard, oversized French terry sweatshirt. Unglamorous, casual, and extremely low-key. Turn around and saunter out of sight, however, and your many admirers will be treated to a glimpse of your well-toned back, courtesy of the cowl embellishment which dips low, highlighting your athletic physique.

There’s no question about it, my loves; such a style is a come-hither necessity that will forever make you feel like a goddess regardless of any frumpy, unfabulous days that may come your way. Sadly, the $165.00 price tag is just as uncharming and unacceptable as sweatpants worn to a chic, black-tie soiree. No need to fret, however; for one can always rely on Victoria’s Secret.

While constructed out of cotton modal as opposed to French terry; Victoria’s Secret’s Cotton Modal U-Back Tee is a satisfyingly slinky substitution to AIKO’s ambrosial design. And at just $22.50, you don’t have to feel guilty for splurging on all nine colors – white, heather gray, purple crocus, candy pink, scarlet red, tango mango, beach blue, coffee bean, and black!

So mes chéris, what are you up to today? Will your AmEx take a beating with a splurge, or will you stay safe and thrifty with a frugal buy?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop and Victoria’s Secret for the pictures.

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