Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tightwad Tuesday: Christian Louboutin Macarena Wedges for Less

Kitty cats, if we have learned just one thing from the charming Coco Chanel during our short years on earth, it is that chain detailing can change your life. It is that minute morsel of need-to-know information that will forever keep you large and in charge in the world of fashion; an embellishment that makes you sparkle even if your perkily-polished fingertips are sans oversized bling, or your swanlike neck is barren as opposed to displaying a beauteous bauble dangling from your throat.

But I digress; it is not just the upper part of one’s form that should be covered in chain trim; the lower half can benefit just as much from such a decoration…case in point, one’s tantalizing tootsies when encased in Christian Louboutin’s Macarena Wedges!

My loves, he may be best-known for his basic black patent leather stilettos displaying a sole the color of the cherry red convertible indulged in when one is suffering from a midlife crisis; but it should come as no surprise that Mr. Louboutin himself is quite talented when it comes to creating a stop-them-dead-in-their-tracks wedge aesthetic, as well. The Macarena Wedges are no different.

A slick black patent wedge heel of almost six-inches is made edgy via a thick, bold silver chain link that snakes around the entire upper body of the shoe, ending in a nautical-inspired rope-wrapped espadrille footbed which cushions ones pedicured paws, making them wearable for long hours of shopping with the ladies, or comfortable enough to dance the Macarena until the break of dawn; while black patent leather straps, spruced up with matching chain details, coil around the ankle and toes to keep the foot properly in place, and offer optimal comfort. Now if only the asking price were as cushy as the creative design.

At $625.00, one cannot really expect to have the funds required to scoop up Louboutin’s saucy style; nevertheless, the aesthetic is achievable in the form of Spiegel’s Chain Wedge Sandal.

Though lacking the scrummy red velvet cupcake colored sole of the Macarena Wedges, and serving up a slight differentiation in terms of straps; at $64.00 a pair, Spiegel’s Chain Wedge Sandal is just as stunning as Louboutin’s seductresses, and at a price that is far friendlier to the recessionista fashionista!

Which role have you decided to undertake on this terrific Tuesday, kittens? Tightwad or spendthrift?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue and Spiegel for the pictures.

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