Saturday, May 8, 2010

Smitten Saturday

Charmed, I’m Sure… My loves, the only thing truly better than pretty accessories is pretty accessories that harbor good luck. Charms with the ability to protect one from evil, and give the wearer a sprinkling of supernatural powers that put one in complete control. No, we are not talking about the inhumane rabbit’s foot so often seen dangling from the sterling silver keys kept in one’s pocket; nor are we discussing the clichéd horseshoe or four-leaf clover pendants. Rather, the accessories in question are the glittering amulets and talismans crafted by A Peace Treaty, as part of their Sunari Collection.

Mimicking the aesthetics of ambrosial jewelry found littering the tables of outdoor bazaars found in the Middle East; each A Peace Treaty pretty contributes a touch of ethnicity to one’s look du jour making it a cinch to embrace this season’s tribal trend. I myself am swooning over ACHIN, TALOGAN, NAHRIN, and KONDUZ – all of which retain a sense of out of this world elegance in their designs. Which A Peace Treaty trinket is calling out to you, kittens?

Bite Me! You are all already quite well-versed in my devotion to cupcakes that are just as cute as they are scrummy; thus, I will not bore you with the back story of my adoration for what I like to refer to as cutecakes. I don’t, however, have any qualms about introducing you to the new object of my foodie affection…Baked By Melissa.

Darlings I know I’m not the only one who is ready to try something new once I have savored the flavor of an item that is downright yummy after a singular bite. It is not that I am one who wastes considerable amounts of food; rather, I merely like to enjoy as many variations as humanly possible. And in the world of cupcakes, the flavors are endless leaving one unable to select just one to indulge in; Baked By Melissa is the answer to such dessert-inspired woes. No longer must one choose between Cinnamon or Red Velvet. Baked By Melissa serves up bite-sized cupcakes in nine yummy flavors – S’Mores, Tie-Dye, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon, Cookies & Cream, Cookie Dough, Red Velvet, Peanut Butter Cup, and Peanut Butter & Jelly – giving you the ability to forgo choosing one over another, and simply allowing one to try all nine. I’m curious to know, my love…what’s your favorite cupcake flavor?

When Did I Buy That? Kitty cats, though I try more than you can imagine to monitor my spending, and keep track of each and every item I buy – from miniscule packs of gum to the Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Ankle Wrap Wedge Sandals that topped my need-it-want-it-gotta-have-it list for months; there are still times when I find myself gazing into my closet and asking…When did I buy that? It is moments like this that make me wish I had taken a cue from Kate Bingaman-Burt, and simply doodled minute pictures of every single purchase I made over the years, then published them within a book like Kate’s gem Obsessive Consumption: What Did you Buy Today?

Chockfull of colorful scrawls depicting everything from Coke cans to quench thirst and fans to keep cool; to issues of Teen Vogue for expanding one’s fashion knowledge and ambrosial black owl earrings essential to any girl’s jewelry collection, Obsessive Consumption follows Kate’s purchases over a period of three years, effortlessly displaying just how much we are buying – oftentimes without even realizing it – in a playful volume that doubles as an easy breezy beach read or clever coffee table book! Tell me dolls…what did you buy today?

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to The Pink Boudoir and A Peace Treaty for the pictures.

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