Saturday, July 31, 2010

Smitten Saturday

Carry Change…because being stylish isn’t the only thing required of a true fashionista – being socially conscious is just as important. With Della, the glamorous gal can be both. The brainchild of LA-based designer Tina Tangalakis; each Della purchase benefits and empowers the women of Hohoe, Ghana, whilst adding a splash of fashionable finesse to your look du jour! I’m loving the Circle Game Classic Della Bag myself. Which Della creation is tickling your fancy, darlings?

Wrapped Up in DVF…because one’s choice of literature should be swathed in just as much style as the reader herself; thus the reason why Diane von Furstenberg’s Kasi Canvas Clutch for Kindle is an absolute essential for the beautiful bookworm’s digital library. The Signature Print is calling my name; which design do you feel is right for your digital device, dolls?

A Gem for the Hem…because investing in different denim lengths to accommodate your varying footwear decisions is a surefire way for the frugal fashionista to break her clothing budget; money is far better spent on Hem Gems. Select from Classic Rivet or Pyramid Stud in your choice of silver or gold, cuff your jeans to the desired length, insert the Hem Gems, and away you go! The question is, my loves, what will you be spending the money you saved on – that blissful Bird by Juicy Couture Puff Sleeve Top that you’ve been eyeing; or the irresistible Soft Joie Radha Top that you can’t stop thinking about?

Pat-A-Cake, Pat-A-Cake…because the only thing better than shopping for sophisticated J.W. Hulme Co. handbags, or makeup a la mark’s Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain, is browsing for baking supplies that would make Marie Antoinette’s sweet tooth come alive; quite a bit like the materials found at Layer Cake Shop. Cake Ruffles capable of rivaling the ones found on your Free People Merrie’s Print Ruffle Skirt; Bakery Boxes sophisticated enough to house your Alexis Bittar Georgian Ring; and sets of Baking Cups to match your Madewell Cactus Paisley Scarf. Go ahead kitty cats; unleash your inner Suzy Homemaker!

Dressed to the Nines…because boys, while scruffily adorable in every way, are not known for remembering to spiffy up for special occasions; luckily, you can rely upon The Spoon Sisters’ Dress For Dinner Napkins to correct their fashion faux pas. Simply tuck one into the front of your cute boy’s plain white tee, and voila! Instant perfection for a black tie affair!

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Tumblr for the picture.

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