Friday, July 2, 2010

Thank You 'Very' Much

Darlings, despite the fact that I was a pure tomboy up until a few years ago, I have forever been smitten with both women’s shoes and dresses. It seems that one is always capable of complementing the other and vice versa – as long as you seek out the ‘Very’ finest available; hence the reason I have become so enamored with Very.

Like Asos before it, Very is a virtual online department store proffering some of the most glamorous goods – all of which can be perused while catering to a massive case of bedhead while in the privacy of your own home wrapped up in bunny slippers and pajamas.

Already I have found myself lusting over the Bertie Superstar Buckle Peeptoe (quite reminiscent of the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Multi-Buckle Wedge Booties, if I do say so myself); the Dune Jerica Concealed Platform Shoe Boots (a style that would pair wondrously with Mulberry’s Alexa Bag); and how could I possible forget the stop-them-in-their-tracks Cap Sleeve Lace Dress from Yumi?

Though I can’t say that my bank account is thankful at the moment; I can most certainly note that my wardrobe is ‘Very’, ‘Very’ pleased with this new find.

Tell me my loves; which Very item has made your heart skip a beat?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Very for the pictures.

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