Saturday, July 17, 2010

Smitten Saturday

Temple of Jewels…because jewelry simply isn’t satisfying if it doesn’t make you feel like a goddess; Temple St. Clair’s creations are capable of precisely that. Drawing inspiration from Helen of Troy and Islamic Art, Temple has put together a fall line that will make your jaw drop, your heart sing, and your personality take on a splash of Cleopatra’s feistiness courtesy of the glitz, glamour, and elegance found in each piece. I’m partial to the Evil Eye Swivel Ring myself; which pretty is calling out to you, darlings?

Tea with Audrey…because a girl should never drink alone; with Cup of Fame, she doesn’t have to. Simply choose the celebrity character you’d most like to share a morning tête-à-tête with – I’m partial to Miss Golightly and Marilyn myself – plunk their cardboard frame (attached to a petite bag of classic tea blend) into a piping cup of hot water, and sip. Who will you be drinking with today, my loves?

Luck Be A Lady…because embarrassing moments are completely out of the question for the fabulous femme fatale – especially those involving…ahem…girly items; Tampurse to the rescue, darlings! Simply store your lady products in the oh-so fashionable Tampurse, and your many dashing acquaintances will be none the wiser should your handbag take an unexpected tumble, spilling its contents to the floor. Don’t you feel lucky to be a lady, kitty cats?

Stationary With a Side of Style…because the note cards one uses should be every bit as stunning as the sender herself; quite the simple task when you are jotting down your thoughts on the charming creations of pursespastriesetc. Crafted by the sassy Sara B. Bentley of Purses, Pastries, Etc…, each digitally printed card depicts Cassandra Carmen (Sara’s spendthrift alter ego) as she ambles along side streets and shopping Mecca’s doing what she does best…spending money. What would your spendthrift alter ego spend her hard-earned cash on, lovers?

Hand It Over…because there is no such thing as a girl having too many handbags in her collection; thus the reason there is always room for something new and fabulous to move in…like OUFI. Ditta in Tan, Ditta in Black, and let’s not forget the gorgeous Poppy in Gray…ooh, I think I’m in love! Which OUFI piece are you coveting, dolls?

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to So about what I said... for the picture.

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