Saturday, August 14, 2010

Smitten Saturday

Glam to the Tenth Power!…because being glamorous is not a feeling – it’s a way of life; and the l'un numéroter way to dispel such an air to your many adoring admirers? Simple my loves; with the proper allocation of the headpieces crafted by the hands of Mary Beirne – the beautiful brainchild behind gla.MAR.ous. Let your inner hippie shine through via Kelly; play the role of pretty, pretty princess with Madeline; and wear your heart in your hair with Christina. Classy. Fierce. Fresh. Tell me dolls, which gla.MAR.ous piece are you eager to call your own?

Glasses Not Required…because, darlings, 3-D is the wave of the future; so why not add it to your wardrobe in addition to your DVD collection? American Apparel’s 3-D Flower Mesh Jumper sports an all-over design of mesh rosettes – hand-sewn, of course – adding a romantic touch to your look du jour that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy from head to toe. The best part of it all? Those geeky, thick-framed black glasses that you’re forced to don at the theater are not required to spot the 3-D effect of this irresistible piece. Black or white…which color will you soon be welcoming into your wardrobe, my loves?

If the Tiara Fits…because your lack of royal title means absolutely nothing, dolls. You and I both know that you’re a princess; now you just need a handbook which ensures that you are living life as such – Francesca Castagnoli’s Princess: You Know Who You Are is it. Whether you are schooling yourself in the art of royal entertaining, or merely attempting to unleash your inner princess in the workplace, Princess has the answers to it all. Now pop a copy into your Cleobella Nevaeh Drawstring Bag, and scoot out the door to find your Prince Charming!

Spread the Love…because night after night of curling up on the couch in your Winter Kate Ginger Cardigan, a jar of plain peanut butter in hand, can get oh-so boring. Just as one likes to play the field romantically on her quest to find the perfect cute boy; one must indulge in a teeny-tiny game of hide-and-seek to satiate her snack cravings. Justin’s Nut Butter is the answer to your edible desires. From Natural Chocolate Hazelnut Butter to Natural Maple Almond Butter and Organic Honey Peanut Butter, Justin’s has a flavor to satisfy any liking; and even offers a variety of Squeeze Packs small enough to pop into your Halston Heritage Brandy Stingray Satchel for when you’re on the go! Which flavor are you coveting right now, kitty cats?

Wrap You Up In My Love…because so much as attempting to survive the brisk (yet blissful!) fall and winter seasons with a scarf that fails to juxtapose between cozy and cute is utterly unfathomable for the fabulous; thus the reason why the stylish require a splash of Spratters & Jayne in their life. The Tube, The Cowl (with Round Buttons or Hearts), The Lapel (again, with Round Buttons or Hearts). Select the style, color, and embellishment that best reflects your posh personality, and wrap yourself up in warmth and elegance!

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to fashion in my eyes for the picture.

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