Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why Don't You...?

…pull on your Winter Kate Jasmine Cardigan, ring up a cute boy, and spend the afternoon constructing a cozy den of pillows for two?

…slide a pair of Chloe Sunglasses’ Myrte Cuir Sunglasses over your eyes, toss back your head, and laugh, giggle, cackle, chortle, and chuckle? As the saying goes, “A laughter-laden heart will live longer than a worrywart.”

…sweep your luscious locks into an undone bun, wrap MiH Jeans’ Large Scarf around your throat, and park yourself in front of the sewing machine that has been sitting untouched for ages? Today, my loves, your soundtrack is the mundane whir and hum as you create the dress of your dreams!

…accouter yourself in Juicy Couture’s Painted Garden Flirty Dress, visit an oversized garden center, and lose yourself as you follow the path paved by bumblebees and butterflies as they lazily wander by?

…give in to your inner rock star and attend a concert that will leave your head throbbing? Slip Evil Twin’s Skeleton Woven Tank over your head; wriggle into HHN by Haute Hippie’s Stirrup Leggings; stuff your feet into Hollywood Trading Company’s Stud Over the Knee Boots and mosh!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Janetteria for the picture.

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