Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jewelry Grows on Trees

How many times have you heard the saying “money doesn’t grow on trees?” Personally, I’ve lost count. Maybe money doesn’t grow on trees; but jewelry does. At least, it does now. I spend countless hours each week trying to untangle my long necklaces and bracelets. It’s similar to the amount of time spent unraveling Christmas lights around the holidays and often results in me leaving the house without my lovely accessories in tow; which is why I am saying goodbye to my jewelry box, and hello to a...jewelry tree. Jewelry trees are the perfect way to store your gems; and when they’re as cute as these, they make for a wonderful decorative touch as well!

Urban Outfitters is like the fashion version of a supportive friend who always lends a shoulder for you to lean on when you’re in need; and this Little Birch Jewelry Stand, $24, proves it. The colors of the coated aluminum branches are reminiscent of the great outdoors, while the velvet-lined base is nothing short of a Tiffany’s display case. Adorned with your most treasured accessories, this little tree will be transformed into a majestic sight that is both handy and handsome!

It may not look like a tree found in your backyard, but the Umbra Bijou Chrome Jewelry Tree, $19..99, is kind of...well, amazing. The twelve arms are of varying heights which make it perfect for accommodating even your longest baubles, and the little bottom tray (which doubles as the supportive stand for the entire contraption) is a simple place to store everything from rings to studs. Plus, if you weren’t already smitten enough, the color and design is, literally, fit for a queen.

It seems like wealthy people always have tiered sterling silver holders sitting front and center in their living rooms that are constantly stocked with lavish desserts – from petit fours to fresh fudge. I have always wanted one for myself, but never really saw any use for it – until now. This Vintage Iron Jewelry Holder, $49, is a charming – and useful – alternative. Featuring three levels (that rotate!), as well as stylish scalloped edges (which are pierced to accommodate your dangly earrings), this is one jewelry tree that you simply cannot live without!

After being away from stores for a few days, the mere sight of a clothes rack often sends me into a tizzy; so you can only imagine the buzz that went through me when I spotted this Solid Stainless Steel Jewelry Tree and Earring Tree, $44.95. The six arms remind me of the clothing racks that adorn my favorite boutiques, and provide enough storage space to accommodate even my large jewelry collection. The oval mahogany base only thrills me even more, as it provides such an elegant touch to the piece that I simply cannot resist.

Where do you store your jewelry?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Urban Outfitters, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and PB Teen for the pictures.

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