Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuxedo Mask

I have always loved the clean lines, and dapper, yet completely chic look of tuxedos. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I necessarily fancy the menswear look on women. There is a solution, however. Both Silence & Noise and Betsey Johnson have released the most darling tribute to tuxedos – for females! They are feminine and dainty; lacy and silky; and, my personal favorite, quite kind to the wallet.

In all of my twenty-something years, I have never worn a halter top, but this fabulous little Silence & Noise Tuxedo Halter Dress has made me eager to change that. The button top is not only preppy and classy, but trendy and rocker-esque if worn for a night out on the town. And the sheer black lace overlay? It makes me weak in the knees. At $59.99, I can’t help but think that this sassy frock would make for the perfect investment!

I’m so used to Betsey Johnson adding little splashes of pink into each and every one of her designs, so when I spotted this Color Block Jumper Dress, I was shocked to see that it was simple, sweet, and...black and white. The almost-off the shoulder top is delicate (and reminds me slightly of the getups those German Beer Maids pop up wearing during Oktoberfest); but it’s the suspenders and babydoll-like appearance that really catch my eye.

I would love to have both of these tuxedo-inspired dresses peeking out of my closet; but since I can only have one, I’ll go with…you tell me! Which is your favorite?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Urban Outfitters for the pictures.

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