Sunday, March 1, 2009


I’m on a mission. To find the perfect lamp, that is. My one requirement? It can’t be stuffy. I want something fun, carefree, kitschy, cute, creative. I want a conversation piece. I – or all – of these fantastic light sources.

Have you ever been to Sweet Factory? That self-serve candy store in malls that gives you the freedom to fill up on as much candy as you want, only to leave you in a state of shock when they weigh your sweets on that telltale scale that always lights up with an outrageous total? I used to spend every weekend at that store, loading up on chocolate covered gummi bears that I devoured with wild abandonment. While I haven’t been to Sweet Factory in years, I have found a new way to fulfill my love of gummi bears via JELLIO’s GummiLights. Erin from MTV’s The City turned me on to these beauties, and I simply can’t get them out of my head. I realize that they’re $125 each, but, price aside, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need them in all eight colors!

I’m currently battling a love for robots. I think it has to do with the adorable factor of the Pixar film Wall-E; because the moment I spotted this Robot Lamp Base from Urban Outfitters, Wall-E was the first thing that came to mind. The happy go lucky expression upon the robot's face, paired with the shiny metallic silver is enough to make me want to get up and dance (the Robot perhaps?).

I’ve always found ice cream shops to be one of the most charming places to spend the day. The smell of vanilla, the cute décor, the rainbow-colored sprinkles – it’s like a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-inspired dream come true. Which is why I believe that this Ice Cream Lamp from Fred Flare – standing just over two-feet high – would be the most delectable addition to any room. The swirls, the life-like diamond-shaped cutouts on the cone...correct me if I’m wrong, but waking up to this little slice of heaven would be like a day at the fair!

Chandeliers are always such an elegant, sophisticated way to add personality to a room; yet they often appear somewhat cumbersome. Luckily, this Spectrum Chandelier from Urban Outfitters seems anything but. It appears lightweight, lovely, and full of life; and the dangling rainbow-colored charms? Well, okay, I’ll admit it...they bring about flashbacks of my childhood heroine Rainbow Brite. Plus, they’re fancy, fun, and flashy – just what the doctor ordered!

If you were only able to buy one, which would you invest in?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to JELLIO, Urban Outfitters, and Fred Flare for the pictures.

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