Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Alexander Wang Slinky Wrap Skirt for Less

Darlings, as bizarre as it may sound to some, when it comes to life it seems that everything trimmed with wrapping is better. Wrapping harbors the ability to conceal wonderment. It keeps you guessing about the surprise hiding out within the confines of that petite box lurking upon the varnished surface of your boyfriend’s desk; makes your eyes dance with curiosity at what mesmerizing marvel could be ensconced underneath the large, overturned box inside your parents’ garage; and creates intrigue regarding the pile of bow-adorned bins tucked away between dirty laundry and weighty outerwear in the hall closet. Therefore it should come as no surprise that, in the world of fashion, wrapping retains the ability to take your wardrobe to new heights; hence the reason Alexander Wang’s Slinky Wrap Skirt is my current obsession du jour.

Like the wrap dresses perfected in the seventies by Diane von Furstenberg; the Slinky Wrap Skirt steals a slice of historical style sublimity yet modifies it in a way which makes the look more casual yet every bit as elegant as its predecessor. Similar to the tulip skirt in terms of aesthetic, the Slinky Wrap Skirt is constructed out of jersey and manages to look quite a bit like a slightly slouchy pencil skirt from the back; yet when glimpsed upon from the front there is no question that it is just as seductive as its title would have you believe.

Knife pleats and wrap detailing create a sinewy construction which effortlessly take center stage when styled with anything, be it a cream-colored button-down garnished in lace or a sequin-embellished tank allowing a scintillating sparkle to emanate from your form. All this aside, however, the true crème de la crème of the Slinky Wrap Skirt is the obvious fact that, like the mini, maxi, and A-line, it is a barebones necessity for your closet; a basic which runs the gamut of creating a stir everywhere from the boardroom to the boardwalk.

‘Tis a shame that, amidst all this fashion-forward fabulousness, the $395.00 price tag prohibits my inner seductress from indulging in such sauciness. Luckily, LA Made’s Anuk Drape Skirt is there to save the day!

While slightly shorter than its Wang counterpart, at $70.00 apiece, Anuk gives one the chance to embrace their slinky side, and even allows the opportunity to pick it up in two other dazzling shades – night and smoke.

Will Alexander Wang tempt you into being a big spender, or will LA Made inspire you to save?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop and Revolve Clothing for the pictures.

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