Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tightwad Tuesday: Charlotte Tarantola Field Game Cardigan for Less

Kitty cats I truly cannot blame you for being upset. Here, we were all convinced that winter was on the verge of being gone for good – at least for this year! – when Staten Island Chuck silently said as much; only to be informed days later by Punxsutawney Phil that six more weeks of blustery weather was upon us! Being in Southern California, of course, I have absolutely no qualms about the extended stay of winter – in fact, I welcome it with open arms; but I imagine those of you being forced to trudge through inches and inches of snow on a daily basis are wishing that spring would simply rear its flowery face and remove you from your frostbitten misery.

Darlings, just because there is ice upon the ground is no reason that you must feel suffocated by bulky outerwear; merely create a premature spring all your own via pretty accoutrements, such as Charlotte Tarantola’s Field Game Cardigan.

Now, I will be honest, typically I steer clear of horizontal stripes myself, feeling that they are unflattering or masculine, yet even I have fallen head over heels for the bouncy vibe that the nautical red and white stripes proffer to the wearer; an adoration only made stronger by the ivory lace placket and brass button embellishments – two characteristics which make the aesthetic less rugby and more romantic.

Can you feel it my loves? The cool breeze washing over your face and tousling your hair as you stroll along the East Hampton shore; your bare feet making imprints in the damp sand, your upper half styled in the Field Game Cardigan. In the words of The Lovin’ Spoonful, “What a day for a daydream…”

But I digress; such a figment of imagination is not destined to become a reality, for the Field Game Cardigan, while charming in every manner of the word, harbors the nightmarish price tag of $118.00. Nevertheless, such a style is par for the course in bringing a splash of spring to your dreary winter wardrobe; therefore it is time to embrace the next best thing to Charlotte Tarantola’s Field Game Cardigan – and that is Parfait’s Stripe Lace Cardigan.

While sporting three-quarter sleeves as opposed to full-length ones, and adorned in coral and oat hues, instead of the red and white seen upon the Field Game Cardigan; at $57.90, the Stripe Lace Cardigan is every bit as capable of welcoming the sweet-smelling spring season into your closet, at a price much more friendly to the frugal fashionista!

Which role have you decided to undertake on this terrific Tuesday, kittens? Tightwad or spendthrift?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Anthropologie and Nordstrom for the pictures.

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