Monday, February 22, 2010

Cruisin' Cafes: Las Vegas, NV

There’s really no need to say anything, darlings; I’m already quite well aware of the fact that Las Vegas, Nevada seems an unlikely place to visit when cruising cafes is on the agenda. As the self-professed “Entertainment capitol of the world,” and the bearer of bright lights, the cha-ching of slot machines, and an abundance of casino resorts it seems anything but quaint. But perhaps it is precisely those very things which are indicative of the childlike charm lurking beneath Las Vegas’ flashy façade.

Like the topsy turvy adventures which plagued the tow-headed Alice once she tumbled down the Rabbit’s Hole; nestled down dingy back roads, mere footsteps away from the strip, and right alongside fine dining restaurants, Las Vegas harbors a multitude of mystifying locations intent on whipping up frothy, caffeinated confections with a side of enchanting charisma that will undoubtedly cast a spell upon you in no time at all!

Sunrise Coffee Co. Relaxation may not be a delicacy offered on the menu, but from the moment you stroll inside the double doors of Sunrise Coffee Co., it is as if every care, worry, or contemplation that has left your mind a muddled mess for the past week vacates your body, leaving you with a clear head and a craving to curl up in a cushy chair with a soy chai-latte and toil the afternoon away.

Far from touristy, it is evident that the low key ambiance of Sunrise is both friendly and locally-based simply by observing the good-natured banter between baristas and repeat customers alike. Friendly smiles trim the comfortable environment which is laced with shimmering parquet floors and speckled with hardwood tables topped with bouquets of fresh-cut flowers. On the walls hangs work created by local artists; in the bakery display cases sits locally-made delicacies; and from the hidden speakers floats unique melodies. But the true showpiece of Sunrise, aside from the spacious patio situated outside, is the oversized bookshelf offering visitors everything from textbooks to guides devoted to video game strategies – an eclectic mix you can’t resist. Order a biscotti to accompany your espresso…you’re going to be here for awhile. 3130 E. Sunset Rd., Suite A, Las Vegas, NV 89120.

reJAVAnate reJAVAnate is the coffee shop you no longer thought existed. Tucked between, of all things, a Blockbuster Video and Food 4 Less, reJAVAnate embraces the grassroots way of life, getting back to the very things that made coffee shops popular so many years ago; whilst still maintaining cutting edge characteristics – a juxtaposition between two eras that help one to appreciate the simpler things in life without having to forgo modern conveniences, such as technology.

During the daylight hours, the computers lining the walls of reJAVAnate, serving up free WiFi to patrons, are full of young entrepreneurs, students, and bloggers, all taking advantage of the laidback, quiet ambiance, perfect for studying or simply sipping a macchiato as you lean your head back and get lost in the music blaring from your iPod. Once night falls, however, there is a throwback to days of yore. Some evenings cater to the noir of the 1950s, offering poetry readings, open-mic nights, and jazz tunes; others are more haut monde, featuring live local bands and charity events. Pop in bright and early to check your e-mail over a morning mocha; or unwind in one of the cozy chairs after dinner with a hot chocolate and Kringle filled with strawberry cream, marzipan, or apple cinnamon – your sweet tooth won’t be sorry! 330 E. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89121.

Which of these Las Vegas cafes would you like to cruise?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Tumblr for the pictures.

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