Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Christian Louboutin Fred Flat Glitter for Less

Though, as the princess of pizzazz, the sovereign of sparkle, the flirt of flash, I am obviously loathe to admit it; the time has come to do precisely that. As much as I would love to live out the remainder of my days garbed in anything that gleams, glitters, or glows, even I know when I have been defeated.

There is no question about it my loves, the holidays are officially over; therefore, the use of sequins that gleefully wink at the world from their placement about my sweaters or location upon my derriere in the form of shorts reminiscent of a disco ball hanging amidst a barrage of ravers in a nightclub is no longer acceptable. No one, however, said anything about shoes.

Christian Louboutin’s Fred Flat Glitter give new meaning to the term “twinkle toes.” Darlings, as if the lace-up oxford aesthetic weren’t covetable enough this season, my beloved Louboutin has gone and upped the ante by allocating the use of dazzling anthracite-hued glitter to make your tiny tootsies feel like seductive showgirls with every step you take.

Spiffed up and given a dapper quality courtesy of leather piping; and sporting Louboutin’s signature red leather sole synonymous with the savory decadence of sugar Sweet sunshine’s Sassy Red Velvet Cupcake, Fred has become the new apple of my sparkle adoring eye.

But I digress; while a snarky, tongue in cheek way to allow glitter to live on in your wardrobe year-round, the fabulous Fred harbors a spiteful price tag boasting the digits $595.00 which makes his love completely unattainable. At least for the time being. Hence the reason why I am giving Forever 21’s more wallet-friendly Jal-Jacko Glittered Oxfords my undivided attention.

It’s true, they lack the Louboutin label, and the scrummy crimson base; but for a mere $20.80 a pair, the Jal-Jacko allows for any girl to add a little glimmer to her shoe collection. And really, there’s nothing as satisfying as that!

Who are you channeling today, darlings…the thrifty temptress or the sassy big spender?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Christian Louboutin Saks and Forever 21 for the pictures.

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