Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tightwad Tuesday: Nightcap Clothing Foldover Leggings for Less

All right, I confess! I’m guilty. Guilty of one of the biggest fashion faux pas currently plaguing the country at this very moment…wearing leggings as pants! It’s true. I’m one of the girls you see accoutered in sinewy skintight leggings coupled with sweaters that fall not below the derriere in the form of a tunic, but that hit directly at the hip.

My six dollar Target leggings have entirely displaced the denim in my wardrobe; but it’s time for things to change. The rude looks from random passersby gazing upon me as if I am prancing around pantsless has left me looking for a new way to embrace the resilience I love, in a form that is less controversial to the general public. Finally I have found it in the form of Nightcap Clothing’s Foldover Legging.

Kitty cats please, by all means, do not write these lovelies off before you have so much as given them a chance. There is nothing crude, distasteful, or argumentative about the design of the Foldover Legging. Far from it, in fact!

Unlike the typical legging aesthetic which falls from the hip to the ankle in a straight line reminiscent of your most beloved skinnies, the Foldover Legging features an extra-wide waistband that folds over, around your posterior, in the form of a miniskirt to give the illusion that you are not merely wearing leggings, but a skirt over pants, creating an entire ensemble for your bottom half in the form of one singular item.

But I digress; such a style, while the absolute crème de la crème of maintaining comfort in the most urbane of ways, is bogged down with a premium that is far from figure flattering.

Yes my loves, I understand that the Foldover Legging is quite a bit like a two-for-one deal, but at $117.00 a pair, it is far out of the budget realm of the single-digit stretchy saviors I currently call my own. Alloy’s Foldover Stretch Yoga Legging, however, is not.

While embellished with ruching along the waistline as opposed to the smooth skirt-like surface of Nightcap Clothing’s piece, for just $29.90, Alloy’s Foldover Stretch Yoga Legging is just as sensational as its more expensive counterpart; and gives you the chance to buy in three different colors – black, gray, or navy!

Is today the day for you to please the big spender within; or will you play it cool and be thrifty?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Singer22 and Alloy for the pictures.

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