Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tightwad Tuesday: Alexander Wang V-Neck Dress for Less

Darlings I’m quite tired of hearing that music inspires fashion and vice versa. Yes, I know that the tunes tantalizing our eardrums are extremely relevant in helping us to decide what our look du jour will be, or even what our desired style will mirror; but it is not just music that serves as an inspiration board to our wardrobe. If Marie Antoinette taught us anything, it is that food is just as much of a muse to the contents of one’s closet as the strains of a symphony. It is a mood regulator which plays a part in the hues we drape over our form; the textures swishing seductively around our bodies; and the desired fit that accouters our derrieres on any given day. For Marie Antoinette it was hoop skirts and petticoats in pastel shades reminiscent of that found upon dainty cupcakes; for yours truly it is draped cashmere and coffee a la Alexander Wang’s V-Neck Dress.

Go ahead my loves; label it as completely off the wall if you’d like. It may seem slightly outlandish, but the truth of the matter is that the neutral coffee and noir shades mingling side by side upon the V-Neck Dress is an inviting duo that proffer the same type of warmth to the wearer as a steaming mug of hot coffee would.

Coffee-colored wool jersey sporting a plunging v-neck (the very perfect location for a pretty pendant necklace to peek through!) converges with black gauze proudly displaying a teasing tattered hemline which comes across as more playful and haut monde than sloppy and hot mess; while a black elasticized belt about the waist breaks up the monotony of colors, and assists in defining one’s waist. All whilst establishing a draped ruching evocative of the frocks worn by the Grecian Goddesses of years passed, of course.

But perhaps the most stunning attribute is the large keyhole opening in the back which allows your skin to play a coy game of peek-a-boo with the world at large.

Sadly, as much as I wish it weren’t true, the V-Neck Dress is nothing more than a far-off daydream flirting with my imagination – or so the $805.00 cost leads me to believe. Hence the reason why I am inviting ModCloth’s I Love Love Dress to become a part of my enchanted existence.

While lacking the pleats adorning the bust, and slightly slouchy design of the V-Neck Dress; at $67.99, ModCloth’s I Love Love Dress is a wallet-friendly solution to one’s style woes.

Are you having a tightwad moment darlings, or are you plagued with a craving to splurge?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Net-A-Porter and ModCloth for the pictures.

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