Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tightwad Tuesday: Alexander Wang Silk Tank for a Steal

Dolls as a child brought up during the nineties, I am quite well-versed in the world of Tetris. Much of my formative years were spent pounding away at the petite purple, gray, and black keyboard of my bulky, oversized, and downright unattractive original GameBoy system. As such, despite the fact that countless years have passed since I last indulged in the guilty pleasure known only as gaming, I have never been able to shake the vision of the tiny colorful block pieces falling gracefully into place upon the pitch black screen. Perhaps this is why I have fallen completely head over heels for the Alexander Wang Silk Tank.

There is something quite elegant about racerback tanks which float over your form as opposed to encasing one in folds of constricting material which make you look and feel like a stuffed sausage; an ethereal quality to their design that takes on the role of sassy sophisticate when styled alongside ebony cigarette pants and sky-high stilettos, or a teeny tiny pair of faux leather shorts coupled with suede over the knee boots.

While intended to be adorned with a glimmering gold design reminiscent of roughhewn yet sublime savory studs, I cannot help but feel that the brilliant Alexander Wang’s Silk Tank is more of a subtle salutation to the gaming world, highlighting the fact that gamers need not adhere to geeky forms of dress when armed with a controller. Quite the contrary, in fact, they can be downright glamorous!

But alas; the Silk Tank is not destined to be a part of my world, for I am neither gamer nor heiress, and at $265.00 apiece, one would most definitely have to be the latter to claim this charming top as her very own. Regardless, you know me quite well darlings; I am not a quitter. I shall forage on in the world of fashion without Alexander’s ambrosial bit by my side; but I will most certainly not be alone. I shall be accompanied by Forever 21’s Bejeweled Woven Tunic.

Though lacking the sinewy silk texture; for a mere $22.80, the Bejeweled Woven Tunic is a tantalizing way to add a splash of Wang wonderment to your wardrobe, at a price that won’t wig out your struggling bank account!

Tell me, lovelies...is it your day to be a big spender and spring for Silk, or are you determined to be thrifty and go for Woven?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Nordstrom and Forever 21 for the pictures.

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