Saturday, January 9, 2010

Smitten Saturday

You’ve Got Mail! Darlings you know me well enough by now to realize that my life would be utterly incomplete without being on the receiving end of weekly presents in the post. There’s nothing more thrilling than receiving a package from the mailman and savagely tearing into it, desperate to unlock the hidden treasures lurking underneath the piles of Styrofoam miscellany standing between you and your striking surprise. But I digress; magazines and simple letters truly don’t do it for me anymore. Non, I find myself plagued with a desire for a different type of parcel; something slightly more fashion-forward yet entirely enticing all its own…KnickerMail! Take a trip to the Knicker Corner, select the pair of pantaloons that tickle your fancy, pen a note to someone special, then select a gold or silver mailing envelope, and send the skivvie surprise on its merry way! Really now my loves, can you possibly imagine any more perfect piece of mail to receive?

Cuff Me! Don’t misconstrue the words “cuff me,” kitty cats! I have absolutely no desire to find myself imprisoned in the back of a police car, my hands bound with the type of bracelets one never wants to find themselves donning. If you must know, and you really must, my utterance of those two simple words has nothing to do with crime, and everything to do with fashion for the feet. Oui, once more I am plagued with an overwhelming obsession with shoes; this time, the cuff boot! Unlike the typical footwear aesthetic, the cuff boot features a bell bottom-inspired fold-over cuff which hangs long and lank to the heel, creating a haut monde effect that adds an extra dash of volume to your look du jour. The iron hue of Ash’s Suede Ono Long Cuff Boots? Irresistible. The buckles found on Coach’s Sage Boot? Brilliant. The hidden platform and full-length zipper ornamenting Dolce Vita’s Josey Zipper Boot? Jaw-dropping. No fibbing allowed loves…don’t you want to be cuffed?

Doodle Bug Despite a brief love affair with sketching the striking silhouettes of precocious ponies strutting along the seaside, their manes and tails trailing tauntingly behind them in the cool breeze, during stolen moments in the library while I was supposed to be studying trite mathematical concepts that bored me to tears; I can’t say that I ever became the doodle bug I once aspired to be. Deadlines, homework assignments, and harried schedules reluctantly removed me from an existence pockmarked with quiet moments in which I could allow my daydreams to spill out upon the stark white paper in front of me, displaying princesses lying in wait for a handsome prince to sweep them off their feet; fairies hovering in midair; or feasting families sitting quaintly in front of a roaring fireplace. Even so, I have never lost my passion for such pretty pictures; hence the reason I have fallen completely head over heels for Lana Frankel.

Since my discovery of the Fashionable Friends Card in her Etsy shop, my adoration for both her talent and her motto that “nice matters” has grown twofold. Each illustration is more spellbinding than the last, portraying whimsical ideations and a childlike, carefree imagination which translates through the poppy colors, and clever touches she adds to each of her creations. Fashion Safari Ride would serve as a stunning daily reminder of the high class and style of New York City if hung upon a crimson-colored wall in a gilded frame; Love Showers Valentine’s Day Card prompts one to go for a romantic romp in the rain; and there’s absolutely no question about it…Tailored to Perfection is just the inspiration a glamorous girl needs to go out and find a snazzily-dressed cute boy of her very own! Kittens doesn’t Lana drive you to channel your inner doodle bug?

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to We ♥ It and Shopbop for the pictures.

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