Saturday, January 16, 2010

Smitten Saturday

Down the Rabbit Hole Dolls by no means is nail lacquer merely a spur of the moment selection that we make at the drop of a hat. The honest truth is that nail polish is a way of life all its own; a choice which requires much hemming and hawing over hues to ensure that we pick the color which so eloquently matches our mood and personality for the week in question. Anything less could make us the victim of disastrous results and a maddening manicure that leaves us tempted to strip it away with odorous remover. But I digress; I imagine no dislike would occur if the varnish in question was one of the four splendrous shades from OPI’s Alice in Wonderland Collection.

Don’t worry darlings, I will not once again bore you with my incessant chatter involving my utter adoration for all things Alice; but I simply cannot help but to gush over the whimsical titles and pretty pigments which accompany each petite bottle of the colorful quartet. The raspberry tones of Thanks So Muchness are tantalizing, and the classy crimson of Off with Her Red! is beguiling; yet it is the twinkling blue of Absolutely Alice and sparkling confetti-like aesthetic of Mad as a Hatter which have left me in the throes of glamorous giddiness. Tell me my loves, which shade makes you grin like the Cheshire Cat and contemplate a tumble down the rabbit hole?

Cross Your Heart During my decade-long tomboy years I perused the messenger bag more than I would like to remember. This was not an attractive carry-all by any means; rather it was a weathered piece of oversize canvas with militant stylings that had been snatched up at an army and navy surplus store on a whim, and stayed with me up until the very day I came to my senses and cast aside all semblance of boyish behavior, and embraced my femininity fully and completely.

Kitty cats, ever since that telltale day my handbag collection has consisted of nothing but saucy satchels proffering elegant attitude, and chic clutches with dainty detailing; but I am losing myself once more in the world of courier aesthetics showcasing multiple outer pockets, long straps capable of working cross-body, and battered designs that are blissfully broken in. Rebecca Minkoff’s Love Letter Satchel, with its tassel pulls and contrasting stitching, is a romantic take on a utilitarian motif; Forever 21’s Daily Ease Hobo Bag easily effuses urbanity juxtaposed with equestrian flourishes; and the unique cutout shoulder strap and pebbled leather found upon Alexander Wang’s Gunny Sack contribute a touch of playful personality to your posse of purses. Are you plagued with the urge to cross your heart loves?

Bibbed Bliss I can’t be sure if I so much as wore a bib during my formative infant and toddler years, the time in which one would be expected to dazzle in such a style; but here I am, a college student, and I am overwhelmed with a desire to don one. I know, I know, it sounds baffling to hear such words spill from one’s lips, but it’s the plain and simple truth…I want to wear a bib! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not discussing the type of bibs you toss into the washer after a heavy meal; nor am I referring to the bibs freely handed out at restaurants where the diner is destined to make a mess. Rather, I am discussing the beaded bib necklaces being whipped up Roarke NYC. Each piece is made to order and speckled with beautiful beads covering the fabric color of your choice. At present I’m coveting Le Charlot in Suede, Chiffon, and Leopard. The question is…which Roarke New York Bib is calling your name?

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to The Princess Blog and Shopbop for the pictures.

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