Monday, January 4, 2010

Cruisin' Cafes: Venice, Italy

My loves, I have no qualms in telling you right now that I find it a true abomination for one to state that they have not yet been tempted by the tantalizing sights, scents, and surroundings of Italy’s Venice. There is a fascinating factor about the location; a bewitching charm that virtually consumes your mind, body, and soul, making it impossible to escape the luxurious lure of the Piazza San Marco or Grand Canal. But darlings, I digress; in a place brimming so richly with history and romanticism, there is no question in my mind that it is littered with some of the most captivating cafes simply awaiting your arrival!

Gran Caffe Chioggia There is perhaps no finer way to savor a mug of steaming hot chocolate overwhelmed with multiple cocoa flavors and piled high with luscious snow-white whipped cream than in the accompaniment of subtle sounds served up via a live violin player to create the perfect ambrosial ambiance for an evening spent in St. Mark’s Square; but that is precisely what you get when you snag a seat at Gran Caffe Chioggia.

Nestled under the Libreria Sansoviniana’s opulent arches in the palatial Piazzeta, Gran Caffe Chioggia sits within a piece of architecture crafted during the 16th Century, a position which adds a touch of grandiose glamour to the aesthetic that juxtaposes between old-fashioned elegance and modernistic cosmopolitanism. Order a bubbling Bellini during twilight and devour the dreamy strains of the talented violinist until The Camanile rings the bell signifying that it is midnight and the evening is over; or pop in for a coffee just as the sun is rising for a truly heavenly view of the city! Piazzeta San Marco 8-12 Venice Italy.

Caffe Florian For those curious to see what Venice’s blissful Caffe Florian is all about, one need only to envision waiters styled in Chuck Bass-inspired black bow ties and white suit jackets, dainty cups crafted out of porcelain materials, and silver pots that shine as brightly as the gilded mirror hanging upon the wall in your foyer; for these are the things you will first notice upon entering the chic spot.

A sophisticated staple of St. Mark’s Square since its opening back in December of 1720, Caffe Florian has become a true symbol of the city over the years, one that proffers a décor synonymous with that of a church with vaulted ceilings courtesy of the stained-glass windows, and cozy rooms – many of which harbor the presence of celebrities sipping away at their drink du jour. And should you find yourself plagued with a desire to sit out of doors, be prepared for a fantastic setting for people watching for hours upon hours. The coffee? Celestial. The hot chocolate? Heavenly. The lattes? Lush. Just remember to pick up a velvet bag full of Pure Cocoa before leaving, kitty cats – that way you can make your own scrummy beverages at home! Piazza San Marco Venice.

Harry’s Bar Darlings, how can one possibly refuse an atmosphere loved and lusted over by classy film stars and starlets of the 1960s and 70s? A zone cornered off for the rich and elite donning dark, oversized sunglasses and canoodling with handsome suitors in the throes of hush-hush trysts? Admit it kittens; a task of this magnitude is downright unfathomable, let alone attainable – especially in the year 2010. Hence the reason why it is encouraged that you spend at least one afternoon nursing something sinfully delicious within the chichi confines of this stunning stop-off.

A virtual stone’s throw from the Vaporetto and Gondola dock area, Harry’s Bar is the birthplace of the bellini; yet still manages to offer the customer a dazzling variety of warm beverages to help one take the chill off. Still, it is not solely the array of drinks which make Harry’s Bar so alluring; rather it is the gritty noir of the inner design which make’s it appear as if the decorator took a page out of one of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s prestigious tales of all things fabulous and fancy! Come for the Sunday Brunch; stay for the memories! Calle Vallaresso, 1323, Venice.

Which of these Venice cafes would you like to cruise?

Fashionably yours!

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