Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Burberry Short Hooded Toggle Coat for Less

Dolls, for ages I have longed for the chance to be bright and bold in terms of my outerwear. To stop traffic with the color of my coat; to turn heads with the ostentatious hue burning clearly across the Seven Seas; to be the speck of color spotting the stark white snow enveloping me in all of its pristine prettiness. Of course, I did not always feel this way. There was a point in time when I wanted nothing more than to blend in with the crowd; to embrace commonly colored navy blue, winter white, and ebony shaded coats that would stand the test of time and make me one with the bland outerwear donning world. Blair Waldorf changed all that. Since seeing her styled in a ravishing ruby red coat seasons ago on Gossip Girl I have searched high and low for the perfect crimson piece to add to my wardrobe; Burberry’s Short Hooded Toggle Coat seems to be it.

Yes my loves, I am aware of the fact that Ms. Waldorf’s sassy scarlet sheath was quite a bit more feminine in its aesthetic and length, swishing seductively about her legs as she glided daintily from one New York City hot spot to another; but it is the slightly militant design of Burberry’s cropped beauty which puts it in a class all its own.

The heavyweight wool retains the ability to keep one warm in any potential blustery situation; while the zip closure, toggle fly, and multitude of flap pockets, all sporting shiny black double-button closures, add a dash of highfalutin decadence to the architecture which keeps you looking polished at all times. But the true piece de resistance of the Short Hooded Toggle Coat is the signature Burberry checked plaid lining the inside, and, my personal favorite, the hood – an ambrosial inclusion which makes it easy for one to channel their inner Little Red Riding Hood.

But alas; all fairytale musings must wait, for, while a seemingly ideal addition to one’s wardrobe, the Burberry Short Hooded Toggle Coat seemingly lacks one very important thing…a price tag fit for the budget fashionista. At $895.00, Burberry’s beauty is nothing but a far off dream; hence the reason I have set my sights on Forever 21’s Toggle Fleece Coat.

Darlings it may lack the pretty plaid lining of the Burberry, but for a mere $29.80, that’s simply a sacrifice I have no qualms about making!

So mes chéris, what are you up to today? Will your AmEx take a beating with a splurge, or will you stay safe and thrifty with a frugal buy?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Bluefly and Forever 21 for the pictures.

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