Sunday, January 17, 2010

Style Secrets: Cowboy Boots Made Classy

“A lie can be halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on.”
James Callaghan

Though I truly cannot stand the term “stigma,” I am the first to admit that such a word comes attached to the mere thought of the cowboy boot. While such a design has made its way back into the welcome arms of fashion lovers and loathers alike, there is a very large gray area in which many are completely baffled in how to go about styling such a fragment of foot accoutrement; a confusion which keeps many at arms length, avoiding such a look at all costs.

The time has come to put your brave disguise on, kitty cats; to smirk in the face of befuddlement and embrace the wide unknown apperceived as cowboy boots! There is no rule etched into stone stating that one must be a skilled equestrian to don such an aesthetic; no regulations scripted upon weathered scrolls of parchment paper dictating that the wearer should be well-versed in miscellaneous music facts about country artists; no regime ordering that such a style should only be seen in the ring of a rodeo. The plain and simple truth is that cowboy boots can be just as gritty or glamorous as the wearer deems worthy.

Cowboy boots are like the redheaded stepchild of the fashion world. At times they are ostracized, others they are embraced; yet still they never receive the credit they deserve for having the ability to contribute a chic touch of rustic cosmopolitanism to one’s look du jour. That all changes now; for, my darlings, cowboy boots are about to get classy!

The Boots Cowboy boot aesthetics have changed quite a bit over the years. The typical seam-detailing, slightly chunky heels, harness embellishments, and pull tabs flanking either side of the top of the shaft, like that seen on Frye’s Melissa Button Boots, have given way to more urbane, sophisticated styling which proffers countrified influences inspired by Southwestern culture; a juxtaposition between two worlds that contributes a vintage elegance to one’s way of dress.

Color is an important aspect to take into consideration when selecting the perfect pair of cowboy boots for your ever-burgeoning shoe collection. Blacks are a stunning choice when it comes to more cultivated cuts that are crafted out of suede; however, given the fact that cowboy boots are most often constructed out of leather, I find that cognac shades are far more versatile to one’s wardrobe.

“My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.”
Henry Rollins

There is something very prestigious and posh about cognac hues. The subtle mingling of rich auburns and soft browns, with the slightest touch of amber, effortlessly creates an almost instantaneous aristocratic aura; whilst holding fast to the ever so feeble earthiness that cowboy boots bring to the forefront. Pieces with minimal detailing, a shaft which hits just below the knee, round toes, and a stacked heel with the ability to give you height without turning into a full-fledged stiletto, like Frye’s Jane Stitch in Redwood, are your best bet. Offerings like this toe the line between playful and polished, and are an absolute cinch to style!

Short Stuff It may sound a bit strange, but one of the most stunning ways to display your charming cowboy boots is by pairing them with bare legs and a saucy pair of short shorts. Now, we are not talking about cutoff denim showcasing tattered hemlines, mind you. The type of shorts on the tip of my tongue, and the future BFF of your bewitching boots, are those of the tailored fashion.

Tailored shorts are an atypical way of allowing your cowboy boots to steal the spotlight, as they provide a pretty pairing that is dignified yet delicate; whilst giving you the chance to show off your sophisticated savoir-faire with smart grandeur! Look for cuts that are short enough to boast your beauteous gams without crossing the line of being too risqué – you wouldn’t want anyone attempting to prohibit you from leaving the house while donning them! Styles which feature cuffed hemlines, slanted hip pockets, and token pleats along the front, like Diane von Furstenberg’s Ramier Shorts, are ideal. Designs like this allow the wearer to give off an uptown, blasé vibe tinged with a touch of cheekiness; the perfect balance for a true streetwise lady!

“Always wear expensive shoes. People notice.”
Brian Koslow

Skinny Minnie When not coupled with barely there tailored shorts, the absolute next best way to pay tribute to a tantalizing team of cowboy boots is to tuck a pair of super skinny jeans into their shaft for a look that is completely comfy, cozy, and outrageously chic. The main thing to keep in mind when it comes to incorporating denim into your daily look, however, is occasion.

Denim, as much as we despise to admit it, will forever be labeled as an “off-duty” sort of style. It is regarded as being laidback, lazy, and unprofessional; therefore, to make it more acceptable in the working world, and to ensure that you forever look dressy, it is best to forgo light washes, and instead splurge on dark denims which bridge the gap between midnight blue and black colors.

In general, dark-rinse denim, like Citizens of Humanity’s Avedon Slick Skinny Legging Jeans in Poseidon or Phantom Ankle Skinny Jeans in Typhoon, is far dressier than pale blue shades; yet provides an identical comfort factor to its more carefree-colored counterpart. It also takes away thoughts of invisible extra pounds speckling your body courtesy of the opaque coloring; while, at the very same time, creating a gorgeous backdrop to your boots - making them even more showstopping than you could have ever imagined!

“The fact is, sometimes it’s hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun.”
Jenny Bicks

Billowy Bliss Darlings whether you’ve taken it upon yourself to accouter your lower half in tailored shorts or skintight denim, the key to keeping yourself looking and feeling sassy, saucy, and spunky in your style is by embracing the concept of balance. Barely there, painted on, either aesthetic your bottoms happen to be modeled after will benefit immensely by being matched with a blouse that billows and floats around your form in an airy, ethereal fashion.

Your boots are, most likely, a part of the cognac/tan family; hence the reason why it is best to stick to a neutral palette for the upper part of your body. Blouses that stay true to pale gray, white, cream, and nude shades are dainty in their design, and present a nice contrast to the ruddy golden hue that virtually emanates from your stunning shoes. Look for feminine detailing such as the ruffled trim found upon Ella Moss' Estee Top; free-spirited embroidery like the scalloped and eyelet hem on Joie’s Steffie B Embroidered Top; and necklines which allow for a petite peek of décolletage like Beyond Vintage’s Deep V Chiffon Tee. Such architecture serves to make your silhouette ever so slightly swankier, and enhance your entire ensemble with a carefree flick of the wrist.

“A pair of shoes can change your life. Just ask Cinderella.”

Gold Digger To stay in tune with the “southwest” ambiance created by your boots, it is easy to instantly think of silver or turquoise jewelry as the go to hues for your accessories; I say be bold! Think outside of the box and spruce up your style with the addition of glittering gold baubles to offset the ruggedness of your fancy footwear.

Gorjana is my absolute favorite company in terms of jewelry at the moment courtesy of the minimalism of their designs. The Double Feather Necklace conjures up thoughts of a whimsical Indian Summer; the simplicity of the leather wrap found upon the Graham Three Charm Bracelet works hand in hand with the beatnik beauty of your boots; and the Selene Ring contributes a touch of curiosity to your dazzling decorations thanks to the textured dot embellishments covering its surface. The honest truth? Dolls, a few well-placed pretties glittering in all of their golden glory is all you truly need to further hypnotize your many admirers!

“I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.”
Oprah Winfrey

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to We ♥ It and Shopbop for the pictures.

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