Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tightwad Tuesday: Yumi Kim Athena Dress for Less

If there is one thing that I cannot stress enough kitty cats, it is that, above all else, we, as the gorgeous girls that we are, deserve to be held in the same type of high regard as the glittering goddesses who graced the earth so many years ago. The very same individuals who taunted and tantalized the hulking Gods of Greek Mythology using little other than their seductive feminine wiles, and beguiling good looks; with the occasional splash of spellbinding enchantment thrown in for good measure.

Save your lectures for another my loves; I am well-aware of the fact that we are not all armed with the stop-them-in-their-tracks beauty of Aphrodite, the domestic talents of Hestia, or the wild child rebelliousness of Artemis, but there is no question that each and every one of us retains the wisdom and reason of Athena. And with Yumi Kim’s Athena Dress, we now have the chance to steal a splash of her style, as well!

As if the short hemline, saucy spaghetti straps, and royal blue hue were not enough to create a feminine silhouette and truly flirty aesthetic; the layers of oversized ruffles shimmying across the bustline, and cascading down either side of this dance-the-night-away frock in an inverted U-shape manage to do just that. Yet despite the whimsy and coquettish factors put forth, Athena retains sophistication in every sense of the word, creating a smart style which adds a touch of clever to your chic; a bit of brilliance to your beauty; even a splash of precocity to your pretty. Now if only she had the good sense to extend a more becoming pricetag to her many adorers.

Don’t get me wrong darlings; I fully understand that Athena is a magnificent marvel in the making with the ability to turn anyone’s evening from blasé to brilliant simply by slipping her on, but $195.00 is far too extravagant an amount to pay for something that may only be worn a handful of times. Hence the reason I have set my sights upon New York & Company’s Tiered Party Dress.

The fact that it is not available in the punchy blue shade is truly not a problem; at $67.96 I can pick it up in both red and black, and still have enough left over for a pair of strappy silver stilettos to truly complement such a sassy look!

What are you doing today, kittens? Will you be a big spender, or tighten the reigns about your wallet and take the thrifty route?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Yumi Kim Shop and New York & Company for the pictures.

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