Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Victoria Beckham Carmontelle Cashmere-Blend Dress for Less

Kitty cats, regardless of the type of standard style we embrace on a daily basis, there are those moments – however scant they may be – when we feel tormented with the urge to cast everything aside and be one with sophistication. To drop our denim for houndstooth; turn up our noses at slouchy, relaxed designs and seek out form-fitting frocks that showcase our feminine shapes; to make playful, childish prints a thing of the past and streamline our color palette in a way that is elegant and enticing to both our own senses and that of our many admirers. At times like these, it is our duty to turn to an individual who knows the true tricks of the trade for effusing posh, high class cosmopolitanism twenty-four/seven – that person, if you hadn’t already guessed my loves, is Victoria Beckham; or rather, her Carmontelle Cashmere-Blend Dress.

Darlings, Jackie O had her oversized sunglasses and petite pillbox hats as her claim to fame; whereas Victoria Beckham has the peplum dress – a cut which is universally flattering on an abundance of shapes and sizes, and is proffered so eloquently via the Carmontelle Cashmere-Blend Dress.

A round neck cinched with a self-tie at the nape streams daintily down one’s back concealing the zip fastening which ends right above the derriere – an elegant, yet enchanting embellishment which makes one look as if they were born in the painted-on style, as opposed to having slipped it on mere hours before; while ever so slight padding about the shoulders coupled with the stitch and vent detailing ornamenting the bodice add a kick of dimension to the design, displaying a cutting-edge aesthetic. Nevertheless, it is the dainty asymmetric bustle and peplum detailing adorning the waist which asserts itself as the honest to goodness piece de resistance of this flirty frock.

Even so, it is quite useless for one to spend little more than a handful of minutes gazing upon such grandness; for all it takes is one itty-bitty gander upon the $2,201.50 expense, and it is fairly obvious that such an expense is quite out of the league of the budget fashionista. That certainly does not mean that you must forgo such a fabulous style dolls; you simply have to scoop it up in a more affordable fashion – like that of Forever 21’s Peplum Knit Dress.

While a funky fuchsia as opposed to a far more muted gray tone, at $19.80, Forever 21’s Peplum Knit Dress extends the same type of savoir faire as the Beckham bit, with the inclusion of a few saucy augmentations, such as a contrasting zipper ornamenting the back and a shorter hemline – a duo of daring characteristics that keep your social grace intact whilst allowing you to be a little sassy!

What’s your bank account telling you to do, kittens? Will you be a big spender with Carmontelle, or play the role of the thrifty fashionista?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Net-A-Porter and Forever 21 for the pictures.

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