Saturday, March 27, 2010

Smitten Saturday

The Girl in Pearls Dolls, a time comes in every girls life when she must ditch diamonds – if only for a single evening – and replace them with the more classic, yet understated preppiness of the diamond of the deep sea…pearls. As someone who flocks to sparkly baubles like a moth to a flame, however, I find this a difficult task. Therefore, if one is expected to become the girl in pearls for any period of time, the pearls in question must be drop dead gorgeous and worthy of taking the place of sparkly bits that shimmer and glimmer in any situation.

Kenneth Jay Lane’s Nestled Pearl Necklace is a wondrous representation of a piece of frippery that does pearls justice by making them stand-out in the form of long, glistening layers; putting a sophisticated yet youthful spin on a classic. There’s no question that Free People’s Pearl & Chain Nested Necklace will make an unspeakable statement when paired with a luscious LBD. And really…what better way to stop people in their tracks, mouths agape, than by proudly displaying Free People’s Pearl Encrusted Gold Cuff around your wrist. Ready to transform yourself into the girl in pearls, darling?

Café Fashionista in Wonderland My love of fairytales has made it nearly impossible for me to entirely grow-up. Part of me will forever be stuck as a child awaiting all sorts of magic to take place in my bedroom once night falls, the curtains are drawn, and I am supposed to be drifting off to dreamland. If it wasn’t Wendy from Barrie’s Peter Pan, it was Alice from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Her curiosity always intrigued me; but even more, I was quite envious of her time spent at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Despite the fact that I primarily drink coffee, I am in complete and utter adoration with all things influenced by tea – from parties to cups and everything else imaginable. Therefore I see it completely necessary for me to spend a day in Alice’s shoes – sans the White Rabbit, sadly – at Alice’s Tea Cup.

So the Queen of Hearts won’t be around to try her hand at beheading me, and the Cheshire Cat won’t be there to grin at me mischievously or tell me riddles; but the whimsy experienced at the Park Avenue palace complete with petit fours, crumpets, and a spread of other mouth-watering desserts is bound to make me feel like Café Fashionista in Wonderland. Care to fall down the rabbit hole with me, kittens?

DIY Darling It pains me to admit such a thing, but no matter how many times I attempt to perfect my own version of a style spotted on the runway, it ends up turning out less than fabulous. Step-by-step instructions, diagrams, photographs…any and all bits put forth to assist me in creating sheer splendor fall flat in my disastrous DIY endeavors. It has led me to believe that I am simply not cut out for crafting. I suppose my talent lies in putting pen to paper; not scissors to fabric or similar undertakings. But it’s hard to accept such an inartistic fate. I long to don frippery that has formed via my very own fingers; thus, I am relying on P.S. – I Made This… to help me channel the DIY darling lurking underneath my naïveté facade.

The Preppy Patch Necklace with just a few snips and a dab or two of glue seems the ideal way to add a little Blair Waldorf with just the tiniest hint of Jack Sparrow to my jewelry drawer. The Art Deco Headband, a homemade tiara-like hair accessory sporting the same type of romance and innocence as a Rachel Leigh original may be the simplest project due to the sheer fact that it requires nothing more than a glue gun. And a fabulous Rachel Zoe-inspired Faux Fur Vest is bound to keep me warm and looking wonderful through the fall and winter months. Ready to get in touch with your own DIY darling, loves?

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Tumblr and Free People for the pictures.

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