Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Tom Ford Claudia Sunglasses for Less

Darlings, I don’t know about you; but personally I see nothing wrong with indulging in multiple pairs of sunglasses. Many feel the need to place all of their adoration on a single pair that will see them through late-night bonfires on the beach, sticky summer afternoons spent amongst fellow music lovers at various concerts in the park, and early-morning people-watching sessions that involve peering at cute boys atop the terrace of a chichi café from behind dark shades. Not I.

I prefer to switch up my sunny personality on a nearly daily basis, depending upon my current cravings; and, at the moment, I’m coveting un petit tête-à-tête with Tom Ford’s Claudia.

I know that I have said it time and time again about various accoutrements, accessories, and forms of footwear; but this time there is no question about it…I truly believe that Claudia may be my sunglass counterpart. She is, without a doubt, destined to be my new partner in crime.

A sinewy little seductress who sports not chunky, overbearing arms to support her oversized round frames, but rather twig-like tentacles showcasing a subtle strip of gold plating that takes on a look synonymous with a gilded piece of bamboo; Claudia is every bit as posh and sophisticated as the girl about town aspires to be. Hence the reason why it pains me to say that she is also the bearer of a price tag just as glamorous and urbane as her aesthetic.

Kitty cats, given the fact that I change my sunglasses as frequently as I change my undergarments, I am obviously not in a position to spend the $249.99 required to make Claudia my own. Never mind the fact that she has graced the face of my favorite Spice Girl from childhood (Baby Spice, for your information), it’s simply not going to happen. As for Old Navy’s Women’s Bamboo-Frame Sunglasses, however…I’ll take a pair in black, purple, and light brown – please and thank you!

At $9.50 a pair, I find myself incapable of resisting Old Navy’s affordably amazing answer to Claudia’s chic-tude; thus, I will be spoiling myself with all three colors. After all, a girl can never have too many pairs of sunglasses peeking out of her handbag!

Which road are you traveling today, dolls? Tightwad or spendthrift?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to hi Sunglasses and Old Navy for the pictures.

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