Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Smythe Wool Shawl Collar Girlfriend Blazer on a Budget

Let’s be honest, shall we, my loves? One cannot officially launch spring or summer until they are in possession of an accoutrement that is white, wonderful, and, without a doubt, multifaceted enough to be labeled a wear-with-all. A design that creates a stir whether topping your neutral-toned Nude Look Dress from mark, or a simple pair of Rag & Bone’s The Straight Jeans.

Yes darlings, I am aware of how much you adore your midnight hues, and noir shades – as do I; but come the arrival of warm whether, it is essential for one to lighten their wardrobe in terms of color scheme, if only to properly welcome in the new season. And there is no more perfect way to do so, than with the addition of a sassy splash of white – specifically, Smythe’s Wool Shawl Collar Girlfriend Blazer.

Leave the boyfriend at home today, kitty cats; Smythe’s Wool Shawl Collar Girlfriend Blazer proffers the very same just-pulled-from-the-significant-others-closet personality of the boyfriend blazer, with the added benefit of knowing that it was created particularly with the willowy, curvy shape of the glamorous gal’s silhouette in mind!

Sleek and sinewy in its aesthetic, Smythe’s saucy style is crafted entirely out of ivory wool, and adorned with rolled cuffs decadently displaying a three-button closure upon each one to ensure that you can create three-quarter sleeves with little to no fuss; while the one-button fastener about the front molds a perfect profile which safeguards that you look elegant at all times.

‘Tis a shame the scathing price tag is just as elegant and haut monde as the design, for at $550.00, it seems unlikely that very many would have the funds available to splurge on such a cosmopolitan cut. The same, however, cannot be said for White House Black Market’s Ecru Shawl Collar Jacket.

At just $49.99, White House Black Market’s beauty is precisely what the doctor ordered for the frugal fashionista!

Tell me, kittens…will you be a big spender and go for Smythe, or be thrifty and spring for White House Black Market?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Bloomingdale’s and White House Black Market for the pictures.

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