Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tightwad Tuesday: AG Adriano Goldschmied Ex-Boyfriend Short for a Steal

Obviously I’m unable to speak for all of you, dolls; but as for myself, I have always felt that a break-up with a cute boy resulted in quite a bit more than simply throwing oneself headlong into the dating game once again. The true tragedy of such an occurrence lies more within the wardrobe department.

Though we are loathe to admit it, preferring to keep our mark Gloss Gorgeous lips sealed, the truth of the matter is that a break-up literally cuts our beloved wardrobe in half. No longer do we have access to the oversized cardigans that kept us warm on chilly afternoons; the boxy black blazers that balanced our flirty, floral skirts; or the baggy jeans that so perfectly complemented our oxford flats and skintight tanks. Rather, we are forced to rely on the contents of our very own closets – a concept which makes us contemplate rekindling our fizzled-out romance. Hence the reason why I am so obsessed with AG Adriano Goldschmied’s Ex-Boyfriend Short.

Proffering the very same style synonymous with the much adored pieces found buried within the depths of your boyfriend’s bureau; the Ex-Boyfriend Short gives you the chance to retain all semblance of androgynous adorableness, without the unnecessary BF drama.

Decadently distressed and sporting slight whiskering about the front to create that well-worn, weatherbeaten aesthetic that we all know and love, the Ex-Boyfriend Short is a design with the ability to dress your look du jour up or down – depending upon your mood of the moment, of course!

But no; darlings it’s truly not as simple as that. While sinewy, seductive, and sophisticated by outward appearances; the tiny tag dangling from the waistband boasting the wicked triple-digit appraisal of $195.00 is a lackluster addition to the allure of the Ex-Boyfriend Short, rendering it as nothing more than another item to place on our ever-growing wish list. Thank goodness for LOFT!

At $54.50 a pair, LOFT’s Dark Wash Boyfriend Shorts, while lacking the whiskered detailing seen upon the Ex-Boyfriend Short, are just as glamorous as their higher-priced partner in crime; and a complete necessity for your spring wardrobe!

Are you having a tightwad moment darlings, or are you plagued with a craving to splurge?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Piperlime and LOFT for the pictures.

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