Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tightwad Tuesday: Herve Leger Josephine One-Shoulder Foil Dress for Less

Kitty cats what is it that they say regarding the painless removal of band-aids – one should rip it off quickly, as opposed to slowly tearing it away from the skin, correct? If only removing thoughts of the bandage dress from one’s mind was as simple a task. But alas, so is not the case; and for good reason!

Darlings, the bandage dress is not something that should easily slip from one’s thoughts, as it is a style that every girl should have hanging in her closet, regardless of how often it is deemed appropriate to be trotted out to tantalize the senses of random passersby as you wow the world with your wardrobe during a daring girls’ night out or enchanting excursion complete with cute boy, a dozen red roses, and a candlelit dinner for two. Throw in a shimmering metallic hue, and there’s no question that you’re on the road to refined elegance in the fabulous frock department – case in point, Herve Leger’s Josephine One-Shoulder Foil Dress.

Try as you might, my loves, I truly cannot imagine unearthing a design which embodies the same sort of bliss proffered by the majestic Josephine, as she goes where no bodycon beauty has ever gone before.

Josephine does not feel relegated to sticking to just one seductive characteristic; quite the opposite in fact. Instead, she is constructed with thoughts of making the wearer feel as beautiful as she looks by not only hugging each and every curve to create a slinky silhouette; but by fulfilling the ultimate in come-hither techniques by allowing one’s shoulder to play peek-a-boo via the coquettish, toga-inspired aesthetic – a trait which ensures that you look like the glittering goddess we all know you to be. If only Josephine’s price tag were a little less influenced by the goddesses of yesteryear.

At $1,690.00 – now on sale for $844.99 – it is quite unlikely that we will have the chance to call Josephine our new BFF; nevertheless, we still have the chance to make her sleek style our own courtesy of the Metallic One-Shoulder Banded Dress from Express.

Only $79.50, Express’ elegant Metallic One-Shoulder Banded Dress is every bit as stunning as its high-end counterpart; with the added bonus of being priced just right for the beautiful bargain hunter!

Is today the day for you to please the big spender within; or will you play it cool and be thrifty?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue and Express for the pictures.

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