Saturday, March 20, 2010

Smitten Saturday

For the Love of Lace Here’s to hoping that my utter adoration for lace in terms of fashion doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you, kitty cats; after all, it’s a fabrication that will forever be on the tip of my tongue. Lace is the quintessential way to channel one’s femininity; an ethereal, romantic construction which invokes images of Jane Austen’s spirited heroines; afternoons spent sipping tea in posh parlors while accoutered in layers of petticoats; and the ravishing beauties of Anna Godbersen’s The Luxe traipsing up and down Fifth Avenue, majestic parasols held high over their perfectly-coiffed heads. But don’t be fooled dolls; lace is a multifaceted material which harbors the ability to juxtapose between refined and rebellious – as visible via American Apparel’s Lace Tee.

Lovers I have forever been…smitten by the versatility of American Apparel’s designs. Their seemingly simple ability to meld into any given situation, and rise to the occasion at all times has forever left me flabbergasted; thus the reason I was so thrilled when AA sent the Lace Tee in Black Leaf Flower my way. Delicate in its crafting, the Lace Tee is the epitome of decadent architecture that will see you through winter, spring, summer, and fall, serving as a loose-fitting layering tee for blissful afternoons spent frolicking on the beach, or a seductive style to top a sinewy pencil skirt come nightfall. Ready to lace it up, kitty cats?

Mix It Up There are very few things that I heart in life as much as a good old-fashioned mix tape. While cute boys are often hesitant to put pen to paper and write the girl of their dreams (or girl of the moment) a sentimental love letter, many are more than willing to spend hours upon hours searching for songs that make them think of the one they’re currently devoted to – something which, in my mind, may be even better than a petite note which divulges oft-times fleeting moments and romances. Thus the reason why I’m currently plagued by an obsession with Cassette From My Ex.

Crowded with sixty tales of love, loss, heartache, and crushes, Cassette From My Ex is a charming compilation full of witty stories and soundtracks penned by the heaviest hitters in music and journalism – from Rolling Stone’s Jancee Dunn to The New Yoker’s Ben Greenman, and The Magnetic Fields’ Claudia Gonson. It’s a trip down memory lane that makes you sentimental for the eight tracks which have since been replaced by compact discs and digital media. And honestly…who can really resist nostalgia like that?

Smoke and Mirrors I’ve flirted with the idea of red lips; but I find it impossible to forsake my beloved blackest black mascara and dark as night liquid eyeliner for a punchy pout. I would much rather stay true to my love for smoky eyes and a nude lip; if only I could figure out a way to perfect said smoky eye. Don’t get me wrong, kittens, I have the mascara and eyeliner down pat, it is the eye shadow that has me in a tizzy. I truly have no knowledge of such a cosmetic. It has never been a part of my daily makeup regimen; therefore, it is completely foreign to me. Yet I must mingle as one with such a product in order to achieve the look I’m, at present time, coveting with every fiber of my being. So I suppose I should let the hunt begin. The question is…where to start?

Should I get down with a single shade, such as Tarina Tarantino’s Eye Dream Hypershadow in Chain or Butterfly Black, or mark’s I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow in Corset; or should I indulge in an entire smoky kit, like Dior’s 5-Colour Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette – Smoky Design, or Two Faced’s Smoky Eye Palette? Darlings, I simply must admit…selecting the optimal eye shadow may just be as difficult as choosing the perfect boy!

What were you smitten with this week?

Thanks to M Loves M and American Apparel for the pictures.

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