Sunday, March 28, 2010

Style Secrets: Rachel Leigh

A girl never forgets her first designer purchase; remember that, dolls. See that well-coiffed fashionista skipping along the sidewalk, Chanel 2.55 dangling from her dainty wrist; or the skinny jeans wearing hipster whose feet are stuffed into classic black pumps, proudly displaying the signature cherry red sole synonymous with Christian Louboutin? Ask either how they obtained their decadent designer wares, and, without question, a brilliant tale recanting how these pretties came to be in their possession will come tumbling out of their lusciously lacquered lips. As for me, the name Rachel Leigh will forever stand out in my mind, for my very first designer purchase came courtesy of Ms. Leigh via her Romantic Headband.

Darlings, you know I’m not the biggest advocate of impulse buys; but that is precisely how the Romantic Headband came to be in my possession. All it took was one glance upon the delicate, winter white lace constructed headpiece, and I was instantly overwhelmed with whimsical musings of settings wherein such an accessory would stop people in their tracks; which ran the gamut of charming tea parties complete with bow-adorned gloves a la Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland to chic soirees held on Park Avenue involving handsome suitors, and the wardrobe of Cecily von Ziegesar’s Blair Waldorf. And thus, the purchase was made.

So of course I was thrilled to have the chance to discuss style with the lovely Rachel; because just as one never forgets her first designer purchase, it is absolutely impossible to allow the style secrets of the person behind such a gorgeous creation to escape one’s memory!

What is your number one style secret and why?
RL: My style secret is entirely about having confidence (understanding your personal style is part of this) and looking polished.

Regardless of weight or body type, it's about understanding and embracing who you are, dressing to accentuate your assets and conceal your weaknesses and more than anything, carrying yourself with confidence.

Whether your look is feminine, girly, edgy, or tomboy, looking polished is integral to having great style.

I rely on leggings and pants with a skinny-fit to keep myself looking and feeling polished on a daily basis. How do you keep yourself looking polished, darlings? And tell me…what was your first designer purchase?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Rachel Leigh for the picture.

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