Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tightwad Tuesday: Paige Premium Denim Vermont Vest for Less

Dolls, please do not even begin to tell me that we have learned all of nothing from the Spring 2010 runways! Even if only a handful of shows were viewed by your kohl-lined peepers, you are aware of the fact that the catwalk was a virtual goldmine of denim served up via everyone from preppy Ralph Lauren to saucy Dolce & Gabbana; making one fashionable factor extremely clear…a wardrobe void of denim fit to see you through the sprightly spring straight through to the end of your romance-filled sultry summer is an absolute no-no of the worst possible kind!

Don’t get me wrong, my loves; I am not instructing you to cast off your non-denim accoutrements, or go completely in the opposite direction and drastically drape yourself in head to toe denim. Take my word for it, neither is a very good idea. The truth of the matter is every girl deserves a divine piece of denim in her wardrobe to add a pinch of pizzazz to anything in her closet which falls flat, yet retains the ability to be downright fabulous if only given a chance – from a flowy floral frock to a standard white tank. And no form of denim seems to be as capable of accomplishing all of the above, and then some, better than a vest. Specifically, Paige Premium’s Denim Vermont Vest.

Darlings a vest, especially those crafted out of denim, is a universally flattering item which juxtaposes between rugged grunge and refined glamour depending upon how you style it. Not one ounce of these factors is lost upon Paige Premium’s pretty.

Embellished with an ever so slightly rebellious fraying about the sleeves, and constructed out of a blend of caicos-colored cotton and spandex, the Denim Vermont Vest possesses all of the qualities of true denim; yet harbors the resilience of well-loved leggings used for afternoons spent luxuriously lounging around your humble abode. If only the price tag were as lavish as the design in question.

Yes dolls, I know, the $189.00 required to make the Denim Vermont Vest your own would keep you in true stunning splendor for the remainder of the year; yet the triple digit asking price has the potential to leave your struggling bank account hanging on by a thread – a worry you need not have with the AE Denim Vest.

For $29.95, American Eagle’s Paige Premium look-alike gives you the chance to make your denim dreams a reality, at a price that leaves you with some extra cash so you can indulge in a little fun in the sun!

Tell me, kittens…will you be a big spender and go for Paige Premium, or be thrifty and spring for American Eagle?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Revolve Clothing and AE for the pictures.

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