Saturday, April 10, 2010

Smitten Saturday

Storybook Style Darlings, by now you’ve probably surmised this yourself given my incessant chitchat about fairytales and the like; but just in case you’re not too swift on the uptake (though, in all honesty, we both know that you are), I see no harm in telling it to you straight…I am a bookworm! I could spend hours prancing up and down the aisles of Barnes & Noble poking my nose into anything and everything that catches my eye; days have been spent getting lost within the towering stacks of classics harbored within the musty old walls of libraries; and, when my nose isn’t buried within the crisp pages of a book, I quite like to tell a story with my ensemble. And that is precisely what Library: Archives of Fashion allows one to do!

The brainchild of Charleston’s Lauren Lail; Library is a Vintage Shop that one can peruse from the comforts of their own home while swathed in polka-dotted print pajamas, which intermingles the likes of designers whose names will forever be on the tip of the fashionista’s tongue – such as Lanvin, Chanel, and Diane von Furstenberg – with virtual unknowns. It’s a chic conglomeration that allows the consumer to weave a tale of wonderment with their newly-acquired wardrobe. Currently I’m lusting over the pretty purple Lanvin shades, the mod-inspired Candy Clutch, and the Elephant Scarf, which I just know will serve as a good luck charm come summertime. Tell me kitty cats…are you ready to browse?

The Dainty Diary As fashionable femme fatales, it is not only our wardrobes that we must be concerned about, my loves; we must forever remember to take the design of our accessories into consideration, as well – and that includes notebooks! We do not want to find ourselves styled in a pleasing pink, only to have a blotter in an unpleasant, brooding shade ruin the enchanting effect. We want something just as dainty and demure as we are; Paperwink offers just the thing.

Like the title indicates, Paperwink is stocked with charming notebooks, many of which are perfectly sized so that they can slip effortlessly into your handbag at a moment’s notice; but Paperwink’s true piece de resistance lies within the pretty pastel hues, and captivating vintage signs and labels that you can have personalized to your liking. Presently I find myself smitten with the Frames collection, which includes a trio of tablets in the color collection of your choice – Gelato, Sherbert, or Snow Cone. Which Paperwink pretty has caught your eye, dolls?

Your Name Here It was not so long ago that I was swooning over Carrie Bradshaw’s sassy nameplate necklace, and Lauren Conrad’s marvelous moniker spelled out in script across her knuckles via a sparkly double-finger ring. In fact, I am still plagued by days where I covet one of each – with my own name spelled out, mind you. But I digress; like many of you dolls, I am a geek at heart. A nerdy computer lover with a penchant for launching into technological speak at the drop of a hat. Therefore, it seems completely natural for me to find myself desiring a custom-made pretty from Survival of the Hippest.

Gone are the baubles proclaiming the nicknames we were christened with by our gal pals; no more are the glittering gems emblazoned with our chosen titles, or birth names clasped around our swanlike necks. Rather, in their place, sitting front and center for the world to see is…the names we are best known for on Twitter, of all places! Survival of the Hippest takes the haute handle you use Online, and transforms it into ambrosial accessories in 10 or 14K-Gold, or Sterling Silver. Obviously I’ll be styled in a 14K-Gold design with the words Café Fashionista dangling daintily from the petite chain. What will your Survival of the Hippest symbol say, darlings?

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to An Ordinary Girl's World and Paperwink for the pictures.

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