Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cafe Fashionista Featured in US Airways Magazine

Back in November of 2009 I was contacted by a fellow blogger, requesting that I be a part of their coffee guest post series. The result was my ode to New York City coffee shops entitled Sipping in the City. While expected to be a one-time venture, I enjoyed the process of putting a post together on such a topic so much, that I created the Cruisin’ Cafes series right here on CafĂ© Fashionista. While no longer an active weekly feature, the memory of Cruisin’ Cafes will forever live on; especially since one of the pieces written for said column, was recently published in the April 2010 issue of US Airways Magazine.

The holiday festivities had only just ended, when I received an e-mail from Melissa Byrd, the Senior Editor of US Airways, requesting if she could publish Crusin’ Cafes: Paris France, my tribute to tres chic cafes located in the city of light; of course, I accepted (after approximately 25 minutes of jumping up and down screaming “I’m dying!” at the top of my lungs, mind you).

US Airways is full of articles written by the hands of novelists, doctors, lawyers, World Record Holders, and the like; so being in such good, creative company was a thrill in itself. But seeing the final piece in all of its published glory has left me beaming from ear to ear. As US Airways Magazine is exclusive to those flying upon US Airways, I am scanning the piece on here (click the images to enlarge them!); but who knows, perhaps one day you will be aboard a flight, and you’ll see a copy nestled in the seat pocket right in front of you – and if you do, pick it up and give it a browse, for it is chockfull of fabulous pieces that span everything from books to business, travel to history, and everything in between!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to US Airways for the magazine scans, and Tiffany Sorocco (my sister) for the picture of me in the sunnies.

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