Saturday, April 17, 2010

Smitten Saturday

Pretty, Pretty Princess It was ages ago that I came to the realization that I was leading an incorrect existence. I was not meant to go through the motions of a normal, everyday, regular human being; rather, I was destined to be a royal. The ruler of some far-off country where everyone wears dreamy dresses and eats cotton candy for dinner. Once that conclusion was happened upon, I knew it was only a matter of time before my parents, the King and Queen, would rescue me from my boring, mundane lifestyle. Sadly, years have passed, and they have yet to arrive; therefore, I believe the time has come to take matters into my own hands. My first order of business? Scooping up a Chiefs of Enchantment headpiece.

Part Roman Empire influenced laurel wreath, part Pretty, Pretty Princess tiara, the Chiefs of Enchantment head accessories are a fantastical way to add a little imagination and whimsy to your everyday wardrobe. Proffering charming titles, and elegant aesthetics; it’s truly impossible not to fall under their bewitching spell. The Mia, The Raven, The Sharfeathered, The Lan, and, my personal favorite The Erika (it’s fate, don’t you think?). Which Chiefs of Enchantment beauty is your favorite?

Sock It to Me Darlings, don’t you ever find yourself feeling sorry for them? Please don’t play games with me now; you know precisely what I’m talking about…missing socks! They keep our tootsies tantalizingly cozy in the winter months, then we are ungracious enough to allow them to lose their snuggly sidekick during trips to the Laundromat wherein we arrive with two socks in tow, only to return home with one, finding ourselves left to wonder not only where the other has gone off and disappeared to; but what we are to do with the lone one left behind in our possession. Not anymore however! At least not with Inklore’s Missing Sock Bucket harboring a little hidey hole in our homes.

No longer are we to feel sorrowful for our newly-single socks, for the Missing Sock Bucket provides them with shelter until they are reunited with their long-lost partner in crime. It’s an adorable way to keep track of our missing treasures while saving us money at the very same time. After all, constantly having to buy socks can become quite the expense after a period of time! Ready to admit your singletons to the Home for Missing Socks, kittens?

Happy, Happy Unbirthday Party! Cupcakes and fairytales and tea parties and surprises; kitty cats you all know me well enough to realize that yes, these are a few of my absolute favorite things! The very pieces in life that put a spring in my step, a smile upon my mark Sweet Talk slathered lips, and a hole in my pocket (or rather, haute handbag) for having spent so much money on all of the above. Nevertheless, there is no ending in sight, for I refuse to deprive myself of the finer things in life; instead choosing to indulge in the miscellany that make me the happiest, and one of the items in question is…Laurel Avenue Bakery’s Tea Party Curio Box!

Inspired by my beloved Alice in Wonderland, the Tea Party Curio Box comes chockfull of all of the bits, pieces, odds, and ends required to throw a scrummy tête-à-tête by yourself or with a gaggle of your fabulously accoutered girlfriends! Packaged in a petite box with the words “We’re All A Little Mad Here” scrawled on the outside, and garnished with a blue ribbon just like the one dressing up Alice’s flaxen locks; the Tea Party Curio Box is loaded with pretty Petit Fours, Cheshire Cat Macarons, Unbirthday Cupcakes, “Taste Me” Cookies, Candied Pistachios, and Curiously Sweet Mushrooms. The only thing missing is the Mad Hatter himself, of course! Who wants to come to my Unbirthday Party, dolls?

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to oh, restore this crack so and Chiefs of Enchantment for the pictures.

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