Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dial Like It's Going Out of Style!

Darlings do you recall those “around the world” activities our beloved second grade teachers thought up to help us learn more about different cultures? The ones wherein we would pack a precious stuffed animal away into a cardboard box, and send it off to a classroom in some far-off country, where it would spend a month or two with a different group of grabby second graders, before being returned to us along with a petite journal describing all of the overseas adventures experienced by the creature in question.

I remember those projects as if they were completed just yesterday; thus the reason I immediately thought of such elementary undertakings the moment I received the e-mail from Shira at WOM World/Nokia asking me if I would be so kind as to welcome the Nokia N97 Mini into my tech-savvy existence for two weeks to try out the fabulous phone known for its ability to combine style, communication, and technology into one pocket-sized package.

Despite the fact that my handbag is already home to a beloved BlackBerry and perky pink 16GB iPod Nano, not to mention more tubes of lip gloss than any sane person could possibly need, the offer of having the opportunity to try out such a fantastic new product was truly too great to refuse – therefore, I didn’t; and I could not be more pleased with my decision!

While Mini is not nearly as mini as her title led me to believe, her multifaceted characteristics more than make up for her size – which is, mind you, in no way bulky or cumbersome.

Harboring the ability to work as a touchscreen device a la the iPhone, or via a QWERTY keypad featuring a tilted screen that reduces the “glare” problem often encountered by the typical cell phone accessory which features a screen that lies flat; Mini is truly a magical gadget with a home screen that caters to your most frequented themes – a personalization that makes navigation to your favorite widgets (i.e. Facebook and e-mail) an absolute cinch!

But I digress; as a loyal BlackBerry user (I’ve yet to try the iPhone myself), I do find that navigating the World Wide Web with my BB is a far simpler and more enjoyable experience than with the Mini. Nevertheless, it is an adorable little device; and the fact that it retains the ability to cater to either preference of the user – be it QWERTY or touchscreen – is quite an appealing factor that would unquestionably play into one’s final decision before purchase.

Here’s a bit of advice, lovers…dial like it’s going out of style!

Tell me kitty cats, what type of phone do you call your own? Better yet, what type of phone do you wish you could call your own?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Mail2Web, GSM Arena, and Tech2 for the pictures.

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