Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Don't You...?

…put on your Juicy Couture Felicity Floral One Piece and have a water balloon fight? Don’t forget, kitty cats, your prime target is the cute boy next door!

…bid adieu to the kitchen table and retreat back to your private chambers for breakfast in bed? Simple cereal is so much more scrummy when it’s devoured under piles of cozy covers!

…accouter yourself in BB Dakota’s Hadley Romper and let yourself go wild in a toy store? Make funny faces at the flaxen-haired dolls; cuddle with adorable stuffed animals; ride bikes through the aisles. Today you are not just a kid at heart, darlings; you’re a kid in spirit and action, as well!

…enlist the assistance of a cute boy to give you piggyback rides anywhere and everywhere?

… make like Alice in Wonderland and fall down the rabbit hole? Figuratively speaking, that is. Slip into Haute Hippie’s frilly Ruffle Long Dress, entwine freshly-picked flowers through your luxurious locks, and spend the afternoon racing barefoot through hedge mazes and gardens!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to despising life is so passe for the picture.

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