Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Alexander Wang 'Goddess' Jersey Dress for Less

Darlings, while it may not be etched in stone, it is an unwritten rule of sorts that every girl is entitled to feel like a goddess. She may not find herself stretched out languorously along a gilded chaise longue being fed grapes one by one by cute boys whom cater to her every desire; nor may she be the wearer of a Roman Head Wreath woven of freshly-grown foliage a la Cleopatra, but there is no question about it…goddess is as goddess does. And you, my loves, are all goddesses…just ask Alexander Wang. Or rather, merely feast your eyes upon his ‘Goddess’ Jersey Dress.

Many may try and fail to create an aesthetic which embodies the true beauty of a goddess – from elegant draping to ravishing ruching, and rich hues to clever cuts – but Alexander Wang, as I’m sure you were all aware, succeeds in every manner of the word; bringing a fabulous frock to the forefront which highlights Grecian inspirations of yesteryear juxtaposed with modern midtown decadence – a coupling that is both cosmopolitan and urbane in the very same breath.

The epitome of asymmetric allure; the ‘Goddess’ Jersey Dress is festooned with folds of plum-colored smooth knit that swoop, droop, drape, and flutter in a fashion that follows the movements of your body so that one never knows what shape will be haphazardly created courtesy of your very next step; a charismatic characteristic that forever keeps your many adoring admirers guessing.

But I digress; while undoubtedly fabulous in terms of design, the asking price of $590.00 truly leaves much to be desired – even if you do have the bank account of the Hilton Sisters. Luckily, Victoria has a little Secret she’d like to share with all of us via the One-Shoulder Dress.

Yes kittens, you’ve presumed correctly…the One-Shoulder Dress from Victoria’s Secret lacks the plum hue of its runway-ready predecessor; but at $98.00 apiece, you can scoop it up in both colors – jazzberry and black – and still have enough left over for a stunning pair of strappy sandals!

What’s the verdict, lovelies…will you be thrifty or spend, spend, spend?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Nordstrom and Victoria’s Secret for the pictures.

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