Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tightwad Tuesday: Kate Spade Sara Bay Piper Shorts for a Steal

Please don’t take this the wrong way, dolls; it is not as if I have some sort of resentment towards denim – quite the opposite in fact. I am one of denim’s biggest advocates; falling in love with it in a multitude of formations – from rompers to minis, and everything in-between. Nevertheless, there are times in a girl’s life when denim just doesn’t cut it for a given occasion. Moments when we long for a subtle splash of sophistication that is cool and comfortable, yet embodies a pinch of posh which gives us a gussied-up glow in the most unfussy of fashions; and there is just one way to achieve this, kitty cats…via tailored shorts!

Say it with me now, my loves…tailored shorts are to the trouser family what Diane von Furstenberg’s wrap dresses are to the world of frilly frocks – a universally flattering design which give the wearer the opportunity to show off her gorgeous gams; whilst maintaining her chic, hoity-toity demeanor. But not any pair will do. A girl wants a piece that can make the transition from the boardwalk to the boardroom with effortless ease; Kate Spade’s Sara Bay Piper Shorts are capable of just this.

Highlighting a unique aesthetic described as a paper bag cut; the Sara Bay Piper Shorts are constructed out of a mix of silk and cotton in a shade aptly titled quicksand, and display a pleated detail and tie waist to give the wearer the vintage, Mad Men-inspired silhouette we all know and love. Yet despite the polished personality evident in each and every minute embellishment; the Sara Bay Piper Shorts are just as sprightly as they are swank, only serving to make them more covetable.

But I digress; darlings, it seems as if the term covetable is a code word of sorts for being completely out of one’s league – budget-wise, that is. And the svelte Sara, unfortunately, is. At $195.00 a pair, the saucy flap side pockets and signature Kate Spade corozo buttons are not characteristics that will soon be entering my budget-conscious closet. Sara’s less expensive look-alikes, however, are already on their way!

While crafted out of linen as opposed to a silk and cotton blend, at $34.50, Victoria’s Secret’s Beach Linen Belted Shorts are just as blissful as the Kate Spade creation their architecture mirrors; and come in a trio of tantalizing shades that will make your summer sizzle. The question is which to get…sandcastle, spicy red, or chocolate. Perhaps a teeny tiny splurge on all three is in order!

Are you having a tightwad moment darlings, or are you plagued with a craving to splurge?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Kate Spade and Victoria’s Secret for the pictures.

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