Friday, December 4, 2009

The Bulky and the Beautiful

Whoever said baggy sweatshirts were unflattering and anything but sexy couldn’t be more wrong. With one simple try-on I have found a piece that is bulky in every sense of the word, yet downright beautiful at the very same time. Though crafted in the form of a dolman sleeved sweatshirt, I can’t help but feel the desire to fashion it as a flirty frock worn bare legged with over the knee boots that meet the hemline halfway to create a mid-thigh peek-a-boo effect that is smoldering, seductive, and simply sensual. But I digress; it’s unfair of me to tantalize you so with such a description, leaving your tongues wagging with curiosity, yet keeping the accoutrement in question hidden away – a fashionable secret only I am privy to. So I’ll tell you…American Apparel’s The Oversized Circular Pullover.

Kitty cats, I have fallen for hundreds, if not thousands, of tops in the past. But The Oversized Circular Pullover is truly in a class all its own. The versatility of the aesthetic gives you the ability to toss it on with leggings while lazing around the house, or creating a cosmopolitan style with a few choice accessories and a pair of killer heels for an amazing girls night out.

Made out of various materials, all of which work together to concoct a design featuring a feeling not unlike that of your ex-boyfriend’s cozy, comfy sweater which you accidentally on purpose failed to return to him upon the time you parted ways; The Oversized Circular Pullover creates a juxtaposition between slinky and slouchy in its silhouette in the form of a banded bottom, a one-size-fits-all formation, and a bat-like ambiance courtesy of the wide dolman sleeves – which are impossible not to fall in love with upon first glance.

But possibly the true crème de la crème of this particular style is the neckline. All too often we are bombarded with the sweetheart, v-neck, scoop-neck variety; The Oversized Circular Pullover uses these as influences, yet cuts the perfect round shape that flatters girls of every shape and size, dropping down just enough to display both your swanlike neck and a petite peek of décolletage.

The Oversized Circular Pullover has only been in my possession for little over a week, and already I’ve worn it more times than I can count. How my wardrobe ever survived without this gem lurking about inside is a question I will never have the answer to; but now that it has arrived, I may need to pick up a few more!

Don’t you want to be bulky and beautiful too, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to American Apparel for the pictures.

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