Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Cynthia Steffe "Stephe" Dress for Less

Please don’t tell me that you have the ability to resist zipper detailing loves, because guess what? I don’t believe you. Not even for a split second. Don’t be offended kittens, I’m not calling you the L word; I know and love you all enough to be well-aware of the fact that you, like me, are incapable of telling a lie. What you are doing is trying to conceal the truth – there’s a big difference between the two; nevertheless, I’ll forgive you. I don’t blame you for being overwhelmed with a slight shiver when discussion of exposed zippers arises; after all, they can be very scandalous if not illustrated appropriately. So is not the case for Cynthia Steffe’s Stephe Dress.

Let’s face it; you cannot ignore the powerful capabilities of the little black dress. It’s an understated staple that one’s wardrobe is completely naked without; a simple piece of frippery that can transform an individual from sloppy to sophisticated in mere moments. The Stephe dress is no different; the only entity that makes it stand out from the crowd, however, is the zippered front, visible from at least thirty feet away, which adds a little spicy sass to your saccharine savoir-faire.

For once I am actually telling you to forgo the big, bright baubles, dolls. The exposed zipper is enough to make you sparkle under the glow of the moonlight, or the strobe lights casting neon-colored designs over your sun-kissed shoulders in time with the club music throbbing from concealed speakers. In fact, in all honesty, the only thing you truly need is a cropped blazer or motorcycle jacket and a pair of ankle booties to truly make your look pop. Unfortunately, I’ve got to burst your bubble.

You see, while absolutely stunning in it’s daring design, and sexy silhouette; Stephe is not a friendly frock. At least not to your beloved AmEx’s spending limit. At $255.00, she is a mere dream; Aqua’s Zip-Front Tube Dress, however, retains the potential to become a reality.

For $70.40 Aqua’s tantalizing tube is in possession of the very same high-drama dished out by Stephe; at a price, to be sure, that is oh so right even for the struggling starlets ready to emerge in all of their glamorous glory.

Now the question remains…will you be thrifty, or suckered into putting on your spendthrift cap?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Bloomingdale’s for the pictures.

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