Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday: Rachel Pally Farrah Jumpsuit for Less

I am a child of the eighties through and through. I can recant the theme song to the My Little Pony cartoon television series at the drop of a hat, mimic almost every move shown on Mousercise, and divulge some of the most important stats about the boys from New Kids on the Block. I can also remember the time of the embarrassing jumpsuit. The crinkled fabrics, the khaki shades, the oft-times nylon construction, the shoulder pads. Each piece was more unattractive than the last; and even at the age of five I knew that I never wanted to be caught dead in such a hideous get-up. But Rachel Pally’s Farrah Jumpsuit is nothing to shy away from.

Unlike the jumpsuits of yesteryear, Farrah does not possess any of the unflattering vintage nostalgia that the pieces our parents raced around town in decades ago; rather it is modernistic and urbane in its aesthetic, sticking to a glamorous palette and a streamlined silhouette.

The jersey halter features a v-neck which dips dangerously low, in addition to an open back that shows off one of the most seductive parts of your body, both of which slide into a banded waist which nips and tucks to create an hour-glass contour, before falling dramatically into an extra-wide leg with bohemian-inspired unfinished edges about the hemline. Darlings, never before could I have fathomed that I would desire such a daring ensemble; but there is something quite sexy and timeless about Farrah which manages to retain style while being simplistic all at once.

But alas, Farrah is most certainly not in my future. At $255, while Farrah is as elegant as the feather-haired blonde bombshell she was named after, she is well outside the spectrum of my budget; especially given the fact that she, most likely, would not receive much wear. Hence the reason why I have my sights set on ASOS’ Wide Leg Cross Front Jumpsuit.

Oh kitty cats, I’m well-aware of the fact that it lacks the fun title reminiscent of Charlie’s Angels and doesn’t sport the same pleats throughout the bustline; but at $47.59 a pop, it’s much more budget friendly than it’s more expensive flirty counterpart. Plus, it’s also available in blue!

Are you a spendthrift who will splurge on Farrah, or a tightwad who will save with ASOS’ ambrosial offering?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop and ShopStyle for the pictures.

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