Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday: Sass & Bide PVC Black Rats Leggings for Less

It was not too long ago that I literally loathed leggings. I was of the conviction that they were unflattering to one’s physique; that they created a stumpy silhouette, as opposed to an elegant etching. Dare I say it, I was wrong. Something drew me back to them time and time again. An incessant calling that made me scour the shop racks for textures, materials, and lengths that were more flattering and forgiving to one’s form. And then it happened. One day I simply had a fashion epiphany of sorts and came to the very clear conclusion that, as long as they hit the ankle as opposed to mid-calf, leggings can be fabulous! The moral of the story? I now wear them at least three times per week, and am completely obsessed with adding more to my collection – especially the sassy PVC Black Rats Leggings from sass & bide.

While the texture looks similar to that of the latex legging, the PVC Black Rats Leggings are not of the normal slim leg construction. Rather they are a tight fit, but come across almost like a regular leather pant as opposed to a spandex-crafted legging courtesy of the ruching about the ankles and waist, and glamorous embellishments found in both the inseams and the sides, which add that extra dash of volume and oomph to your look du jour! Coupled with a slouchy, oversized gray tee you look effortless for an afternoon of strolling through chic boutiques; paired with sky high heels and sequins you look enticing for an evening out with the girls. Despite the fact that they are tough and rugged in all of their glossy glory, they are also quite glamorous, if not completely out of my budget.

Ordinarily I would simply find a pair of standard liquid leggings; but darlings there is an element of empowerment in the aesthetic of these beauties. But alas, they are not meant to be a part of my world given the fact that they come attached to a $214.50 price tag. I should have expected nothing less given the fact that they are splendrous in every way, shape, and form; then again, so is AKIRA’s Rouched Liquid Legging – the only difference is that AKIRA’s offering is something I can actually afford.

Available in beatific black or stunning silver, at $59.00 a pair, the Rouched Liquid Legging offers everything that sass & bide’s beauties serve up – right down to the inseam embellishments and ornamenting around the ankle – at a price so friendly you can’t help but want to scoop one up in both colors!

Who are you kittens…a spendthrift or a tightwad?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to My Wardrobe and AKIRA for the pictures.

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