Friday, December 18, 2009

Socialite for the Night

Kittens, I’ve brushed aside the brisk, bid adieu to arctic temperatures, and kissed cold weather goodbye; or rather, my wardrobe has! Please note that I have thought long and hard about the decision that I am about to divulge to all of you lovelies over the past week, and the conclusion that I have drawn from nearly overdosing on contemplation of the fashion variety is that, regardless of the chill in the air come New Year’s Eve, I refuse to conceal my form with shapeless sweaters that mar one’s silhouette with beastly bagginess and drab personality! The forecast could predict ten below – though, in all honesty, we know something like that would never happen in Southern California – and I would still tempt fate by allowing my porcelain skin to play a virtual game of peek-a-boo with the chill; and you can blame my brazenness solely upon the sassy Shopmamie!

Anyone who knows me as well as all of you do is quite aware of my fondness of off the shoulder tops. I’m completely incapable of resisting such accoutrement given the fact that they provide a splash of seductiveness in the most coquettish and demure of ways. Thus, there was absolutely no question in my mind that Shopmamie’s One-Shoulder Socialite Dress was the frock destined to stand in as my date come the evening of December 31.

Spicy in its simplicity, the One-Shoulder Socialite Dress is simply begging for the chance to break out of your closet and be wined and dined for a special occasion – and really, what more perfect time than the one in which you are ringing in the New Year, and all of the exciting adventures destined to accompany it?!

Charming in cobalt, cheeky in crimson, and bewitching in black, the One-Shoulder Socialite Dress flaps and flows in a flirty fashion that entices dapper suitors sporting savoir faire and cute boys suffering from can’t-be-controlled-yet-absolutely-adorable bedhead alike; while making you feel like the belle of the ball in true saucy style!

Cinch mark’s That’s A Wrap Scarf around the waist to create an hourglass contour that renders your many admirers speechless; up the wow-factor and channel the Old Hollywood starlet within with the addition of the statement-making High Society Necklace; or highlight the playful pleating detail about the neckline by dusting Twinklebelle over your bare shoulder and collarbone for a glittering shine that makes you sparkle from the inside out!

Don’t you want to be a socialite for the night, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopmamie for the pictures.

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