Saturday, December 26, 2009

Smitten Saturday

Savoring Sparkles I’m truly angry at whomever convinced you that sparkles were nothing more than a bit of arts and crafts supplies handed off to wild and crazy kindergartners to keep them quiet in between nap and snack time. That person was sadly mistaken, loves! The truth of the matter is that sparkles can be either here or there. One moment they can be dancing in your hair, the next they may be outfitting a favored Gryphon frock. But perhaps my absolute favorite format to savor sparkles is via regal refreshments. That’s right, a beverage that beams brilliantly from its position in a first-rate flute sitting pretty in your cocktail ring embellished hand is almost as important as the shoes adorning your feet, or the clutch clasped tightly in your magnificently-manicured fist. After all, one who looks as stunning as you deserves a pretty drink to accompany her as she wows the room with her presence. As such, accessorize with burbling apple cider, complement your Camilla Skovgaard Chain Sandals with a glittering glass of cranberry juice, and cuddle up with a goblet brimming with white grape juice that will make your jewels beam brighter than you ever thought possible! How will you be savoring sparkles come New Year’s Eve, darlings?

Ribbon Dancer Old habits die hard; or rather, in my case, they rarely die at all! Since I was a teeny, tiny toddler traipsing down the stairs precociously a la Kay Thompson’s Eloise, I have found that the wrapping used to conceal the gifts my family had spent hours choosing just for me was oftentimes more interesting than the gift itself. Specifically, the yards of shimmering ribbon tied daintily around each pleasing package. Throughout the course of the morning, as everyone gathered round the tree to exchange presents, I would spend much of my time hoarding the cast-aside pieces of ribbon, intent on using it to accouter myself with in some way at a more appropriate moment. But why on earth should one waste valuable family time hunting for stunning streamers tossed to the wayside, when you can simply buy blissful ensembles already laced with such a dazzling decoration? ASOS Oversized Belted T-Shirt Jersey Dress is a stunning way to wrap yourself up in all sorts of wonderful even on the most casual of days. One can’t help but feel like a life-size present – and a glamorous one at that! – when adorned in Notte by Marchesa’s Ribbon-Trimmed Silk-Chiffon Dress. Charlotte Russe’s Rose Jacquard Corset receives an extremely feminine fix via the addition of a satin ribbon tie about the waist. And please be prepared for jaws to drop when wearing Forever Unique’s Ribbon & Velvet Trim Dress, for it has the power to hypnotize. Ready to become a card-carrying member of the ribbon dancer brigade, loves?

Fairy Tale I thought about waiting for a cute boy to arrive and sweep me off my feet in the hopes of creating a fairy tale with one another; but no. I suppose I’m not the most patient of individuals; therefore I am taking matters into my own hands and creating a fairy tale all my own via petite holiday-influenced fairy cakes that even Peter’s pal Tinkerbell would approve of. Now, I have told you all time and time again that I am not the most handy person in the kitchen. In fact, in the past two years alone I am guilty of having concocted half-baked banana nut bread, hard as rock sugar cookies, and soupy pumpkin pie; hence the reason why I am leaving it up to the professionals to create the fairy cakes of my whimsical imagination a reality. First I’ll visit Fairy Cakes Bakery to scoop up a dozen of their spicy Pumpkin White Chocolate offerings; next I’ll pick up the Holiday Peppermint Twist from Kara’s Cupcakes as a last farewell to the Christmas season; and to round my fairy cake jaunt up I’ll pay a visit to Cupcake Royale for the cake version of Figgy Pudding, Eggnog, and Candy Cane. Who wants to join me on my fairy tale?!

That’s A Wrap! Darlings it wasn’t me who said it, so stop pointing fingers! It was Vaughn Monroe who first stated in 1945 “Oh the weather outside is frightful…” as the opening bars of Let It Snow. All I am doing is reiterating his proclamation, as I absolutely could not agree more – the weather is frightful; combating it, however, is not. As long as you have a cocoon sweater, that is! Why on earth do you think that wriggling caterpillars emerge from cocoons as full-fledged flittering butterflies? I believe it is due to the fact that there is no more cozy location to hibernate for even a short period of time; which is why it is obvious for optimal warmth and worldliness in your wear, a cocoon sweater is your best bet. Skinny jeans will never be the same again when partnered with Paul & Joe’s Cocoon Sweater in Black which drapes in the most dazzling of ways. Silence & Noise’s Stitch Detail Cocoon Cardigan is an affordable way to retain savoir faire in any situation. And Mason’s Cocoon Sweater in Gray is a playful way to protect your form from the cool chill in the air while looking completely posh. Christmas may be over, but Santa baby, do you think that you could pretty please with a cherry on top drop these last few items down the chimney? I’ll be extra good the whole year through!

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to We ♥ It and ASOS for the pictures.

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