Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm With the Band!

Darlings, there’s something so glamorous about being able to allow the words “I’m with the band” to slip through your pouty, MAC Lipglass enhanced kisser, don’t you think? An exclusivity that invokes thoughts of glamorous parties held in tour buses with champagne galore spouting every which way; of mysterious musicians sporting carefully mussed bedhead; and smoky bars full of old-fashioned grit and noir. But alas, we do not all have the same sort of luck as Almost Famous’ Penny Lane, the most well-known band-aid of them all. Therefore, we must search for other ways in which to exclaim that we are, in fact, with the band; and really, what better way than with a flashy band jacket?

Forever 21 “Sgt. Runway Jacket” I’m a girl who simply cannot resist an I-mean-business cropped blazer; but that doesn’t mean that I’m against seeking out styles that proffer that extra hint of je ne sais quoi which virtually transform one’s look from posh to playful and back again; Forever 21’s Sgt. Runway Jacket is capable of just this. Embellished with grosgrain trim and cording that loops and swoops about the front like a graceful dove soaring high in the sky, the military-inspired piece adds a lighthearted kick to your look du jour without ever straying from its professional aesthetic. Imagine teetering into the boardroom wearing sky-high heels, a perky pencil skirt, and this beauty; or simply slip it on with skinnies for an afternoon of strolling the shops. Face it…your wardrobe will never be the same again!

BB Dakota “Sgt. Pepper’s Jacket” Why simply accept the title of being with the band, when you can imagine yourself as an actual part of the band via BB Dakota’s Beatles-inspired Sgt. Pepper’s Jacket. Gold braided trim criss-crosses over the front, adorns the shoulders, and even weaves itself about your wrists, a stunning juxtaposition to the inky black surface, bringing a hint of nostalgia to your closet and easily morphing your more casual looks into something quite a bit more mind-blowing, and runway-approved. Dolls, I understand that the architecture is slightly flamboyant, but please, don’t you dare reserve this lovely for special occasions. It must be showcased on quick sprints to the supermarket, celebrated over chats at the corner coffee shop, even fawned over at the farmer’s market. Wear it with pride; you’re a superstar – and an honorary member of the Lonely Hearts Club Band, of course!

Alice + Olivia “Shrunken Military Jacket with Embellishments” Kitty cats, if I had the funds available at this very moment to buy an original Balmain jacket, I would do so; but I do not, therefore I believe that Alice + Olivia’s Shrunken Military Jacket with Embellishments is truly the next best thing – and absolutely ideal for the girl who likes a little shimmer in her step. From the back, one would never know what glittering surprises are lurking, lying in wait to be admired; but when you spin around…voila! Crystals, pearls, beads and chains converge with one another to offset the masculine vibe of the black wool construction, creating daring designs that twinkle and sparkle like a Vegas showgirl shimmying on the Strip! Buttoned to the throat, or flapping in the subtle breeze allowing a plain white tee to peek out at the world, it’s a piece that will have you feeling paparazzi-ready – just don’t forget your friends once you hit the big-time!

Free People “Military Ruffle Jacket” I am a swooner by nature. I am incapable of keeping my knees from buckling when introduced to a new piece of frippery that I simply must claim as my own; unable to stop from reaching into my handbag and yanking out my trusty credit card from it’s home deep within the folds of my wallet; and downright powerless when in the presence of a pretty. Case in point, Free People’s Military Ruffle Jacket. I tried to ignore its asymmetrical button front closure. I attempted to turn away from the ruffled cuffs and tiered bottom hem. I did my best to refuse the glistening buttons and frayed edges. But it was not meant to be…I swooned. And, quite frankly, I believe you will as well. The decorations spotting the Military Ruffle Jacket put it into a category all its own – its aesthetic is flirtatious, providing a style that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion; while the heavyweight knit will keep you feeling warm and looking irresistible from dawn to dusk. Ivory, burgundy, or black…hmmm, would it be wrong to take all three home?

Ralph Lauren “Wool Cabled Military Jacket” Winter, spring, summer, or fall, I’m sure many of you are like me in your inability to resist the charming lure of a cozy knit. With minimal effort such accoutrement manages to add an air of elegance to your style, and take it to completely new heights; while, to be sure, keeping you perfectly comfortable at the very same time. Ralph Lauren’s Wool Cabled Military Jacket is the band-influenced version of such a look. Forgoing the stiff and oftentimes stuffy and constricting cotton or felt fabrication most often seen, the Wool Cabled Military Jacket is nothing more than a chic sweater jacket in a ravishing red made all the more dapper with the addition of double breasted goldtone buttons – a quaint way to add a little edge to your snuggly style.

What about you…are you with the band, kittens?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Forever 21, Fred Flare, Shopbop, Free People, and Ralph Lauren for the pictures.

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