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Cruisin' Cafes: Sydney, Australia

G’day mate! Darlings, is it wrong that my initial reason for wanting to visit Sydney, Australia was for the sheer fact that I have always wanted to rise and shine to the perennial shouts of “G’day mate!” each morning without being looked upon as if I were some sort of loon? That, of course, was before I was treated to a view of the Sydney CBD and Sydney Opera House at dusk. Even through a mere photograph, the twinkling sight alone led me to realize that there was so much more to “the Harbour City” than truly meets the eye. A glamorous locale rich with culture, brimming with beauty, and home to countless shopping Mecca’s which cater to an abundance of personalities and lifestyles. Hence the reason why I simply can’t help but believe that it is obviously a lovely location for canvassing charming cafes!

Bar Coluzzi Pardon the pun, but it can’t be helped – to put it bluntly, Darlinghurst’s Bar Coluzzi will knock you out; and not just because it is the brainchild of a boxer of the fifties who moonlighted as a barista when he wasn’t slinging punches!

A staple of Williams Street since 1957, Bar Coluzzi does not simply attempt to channel a retro vintage vibe in its ambiance; it simply oozes such traits courtesy of the fact that it has been a latte-making landmark since that very era! Opened by Roman-born Luigi Coluzzi during the height of change in the world, Bar Coluzzi was founded with the hopes of bringing a dash of Italia to sunny Sydney via fresh coffee. Decades later, the teeny tiny hole in the wall is still a one-stop shop for revelers looking to rendezvous with elegant espressos, heavenly hot cocoas, tantalizing teas, and dreamy desserts. The pristine white walls are trimmed in red and adorned with boxing memorabilia and photographs snapped ring-side; while Alice in Wonderland-sized chairs spill out onto the Victoria Street sidewalk where Bar Coluzzi rests – an ideal location for soaking up the Sydney sunshine on a lazy Sunday morning. Don’t miss the raisin toast – dip it into your rich espresso for a mind-blowing experience! 322 Victoria St., Darlinghurst NSW 2010.

Bourke Street Bakery There is no need to so much as attempt to deny it; the truth of the matter is that there is no better complement to a piping mug of hot chocolate or steaming cup of coffee than a pastry that is sure to pack on the pounds yet leave you in a state of bliss for at least a few moments. Hence the reason why Surry Hills’ Bourke Street Bakery is destined to make you willingly wait in line for upwards of an hour, if need be, for a pint-sized brush with euphoria.

Inside a trio of small tables sit scrunched side by side, a virtual arm’s length away from patisserie cases holding fresh-baked sourdough bread, chocolate tarts, and croissants drizzled with chocolate sauce, in addition to full-fledged meals of quiches and pies; while out on the footpath a handful of sidewalk seating prime for people watching is proffered to visitors, providing an optimal opportunity for taking a load off after a full day of shopping and shooting the breeze while sipping and savoring a variety of seasonal flavors. Come prepared for both eye and nose candy – the pastries are too pretty to resist, while the scent of chocolate, vanilla, spices, and coffee mingling together will transport you to another time and place…you’ve been warned, kittens! 633 Bourke St., Surry Hills NSW 2010.

Mecca Espresso You know me, never one to ignore a location with a citified, metropolitan environment – and that is precisely what King Street’s Mecca Espresso doles out; in addition to mesmerizing macchiatos, sweet soy lattes, and creamy cappuccinos, of course.

Mecca Espresso is one of those urbane getaways that serve as a staycation for locals, a vacation for out of towners. The moment you step inside you are welcomed by slightly dim lighting, modernistic espresso machines, sleek yet simple hues, and a shiny hardwood floor tinged with red – all of which converge with one another to produce a very jazzy effect; not unlike a place you could imagine finding Ella Fitzgerald crooning within. But soulful sounds are not the musical choice du jour; the harmonies heard inside Mecca Espresso are of the passing cars and traffic – a delightful soundtrack for someone who enjoys the hustle and bustle of the city. Between the amusing banter shared between staff and customers alike, the ambrosial atmosphere, and the stunning designs etched in the foam topping your desired drink, it’s impossible not to think of Mecca Espresso as a home away from home. One that always smells of mouth-watering, fresh-baked chocolate brownies! 67 King Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

Which of these Sydney cafes would you like to cruise?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to We ♥ It for the pictures.

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